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Hello! As you probably know if you're reading this, the reason we were so quiet during February is we were busy preparing to move our entire ARPG group off of deviantART to our shiny new Lorekeeper website! That involved a lot of things, including:

  • Migrating the entire masterlist, which was quite a feat!
  • Uploading all our items, badges, locations, traits, and images for all of those! This includes some lovely new artwork by Herboreal!
  • Revamping our map, villages, and lore! Check that out here; we've got some brand new villages, some updated lore, and snazzy little icons for everything! We've also established regions so you can give your aitielkh a more exact location than "wild."

All Aboard!

  1. Register for an account. Your Lorekeeper account does not have to match your deviantART account, but you are welcome to use the same username for both. Users whohave registered on the site and verified their account by the end of March will receive a gift to welcome you to our new site!!
  2. Link an account for verification. This is to verify that you are, well, you! Right now you can use either your deviantART account or your Twitter account for verification. If you use your deviantART account, your characters will automatically be linked to your account, as most masterlist entries were uploaded using the deviantART account name for their ownership. 
  3. Submit a single link to your offsite player profile for migration by submitting a claim! This is only for people with preexisting records. If you do not have any gildes, items, traits, companions, etc. to transfer, please still submit a claim to receive  your March registration gift if you have registered on the site and verified your account by the end of March, but you will not have a player profile, inventory, or Trello bank account name! Not sure how to submit a claim? Check out our guide on Submitting Claims
    • While you're submitting our claim, make sure to add your choice of the following for your March registration gift! You can choose one of the following;
      1. 1x Rare Gacha Box
      2. 1x Rare Trait Potion
      3. 40 gildes
    • Please DO NOT do anything else your account that involves purchases, transfers, using items, attaching items to characters, or other bank/inventory/ownership changes until after your claim has been approved. You can; name your characters, edit their profile information, edit your user profile information, upload an avatar, rearrange your characters, name your companions, assign companions to characters, change companion variants.
    • Your claim should look something like this!

  4. Before you do anything else on your new Lorekeeper account, please check your profile for accuracy by comparing your Lorekeeper inventory, pets, and awards pages to your player profile.
    1. Check your Inventory for missing items.
    2. Check your Pets by going to your Profile and selecting Pets in the left-hand navigation under User. Make sure you have all the companions you should have! Please note that certain companions, like the Flowerhog and the Spectral Squirrel, have variants that you can manually select from your Pets page before you assign a pet to a character, as these are not, strictly speaking, different companions but rather different forms of the same companion.
    3. Check your Awards for missing badges.
    4. Check your Characters.
      • If your character is missing traits or has the wrong traits, please submit a report and add link the character. Make a note of what traits are wrong or missing. Please note that some elkh have had trait changes to better reflect their appearance in the masterlist art.
      • If your character is missing magic, please see our notes about ordered Prompts below!
    5. Check your MYO Slots.
  5. If there is anything amiss with your account, be it items, pets, characters, or anything else, please submit a report so we can help! Please make sure to include any links to proof of ownership or other links that are applicable to the situation. 
  6. Check out the Guides! Of particular interest will be:
    1. Getting Started
    2. Currency/Scoring Guide
    3. Submission Guide

NEW EDIT | Ordered Prompts

When you start investigating our Prompts, you may notice that you cannot submit certain prompts until you've completed others. This is intentional, as many prompts were structured this way before. However, you may notice that even though you've completed certain prompts before we moved to the new site, your progress hasn't carried over. Unfortunately, we cannot manually change that on our end, so here's the solution to this problem;

  1. Start a Prompt Submission and add a link to your original submission (or the reuploaded version in our Gallery if you prefer).
  2. Note in the comments that this is a resubmission worth zero gildes. If you are found to be resubmitting work without this note, any double-awarded gildes will be removed.
  3. Add the character(s) for whom the submission was for in the Add Characters section.
  4. Do not add any additional rewards.
  5. Submit!

You will need to do this once for any prompts that require a previous prompt be completed first! This includes Storylines and Aitielkh Magic Trials. Please note that while this will unlock these prompts for future submissions, you must still submit ordered prompts in sequential order.

  • If have additional aitielkh that are missing magic, please submit a claim and do the following;
    • Add your aitielkh in the Characters section.
    • Make a note of what magic they have and at what level. For example, Guinefyr's notes would be "Mastery: Friendly Fire, Awakening: Aiti's Healing, Rushing Waters, Lightning Strike."
    • Include links to the deviantART comments where they earned their magic. If you cannot find these proofs, please explain why!
  • If you have additional characters that previously completed Storyline prompts, please submit a claim and do the following;
    • Choose a Faction for your elkh on their profile page. You must do this prior to claiming Rank Points (RP). Changing your elkh's faction will reset all earned RP.
    • Add your elkh in the Characters section.
    • Make a note of what Storyline prompts they completed in the Comments.
      • Include links to the devinations where they completed these prompts. If you cannot find these proofs, please explain why!
    • Add 1 RP per completed Storyline prompt as character-specific rewards to your elkh.
  • NOTE: You may submit ONE claim with all of your aitielkh magic and elkh Storyline claims.

Gallery Entries

All entries submitted to the Gallery are eligible for a +1 gilde bonus! This is not related to the type of submission it is, so long as it is Bepotelkh related, so prompts, gifts, commissions, and personal work are all eligible! Of course, you may not submit the same piece more than once, and they must be appreciably different. No grinding!

March News

Featured Character

You'll now find the featured character on the site home page! This month's featured elkh is Bep-843!

Sono Races

The deadline for Sono Races has been extended until March 12, 2022 at 23:59:59 MST. That means you will have all day on March 12 to submit your prompts, but you must do so before midnight!

Scavenger Hunt

Get familiar with the site by particpating in our Settling In Scavenger Hunt! Earn gildes by finding sugar cubes, complete the Scavenger Hunt to get a Limited Edition Companion!

April Event

We will be releasing a brand new recurring event for you all in April! If you haven't already, you might want to see about completing some Aitielkh Magic Trials...


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