Custom Designs

Created: 23 February 2022, 12:08:06 MST
Last updated: 1 February 2024, 12:04:25 MST

This page is for Herboreal's bep customs, rebases, etc.
You may view Nopal's bep customs info here.



Designs will be in the style shown below and include ref with and without accessories.


  • $90 -Beps and sonos of any non-aiti subspecies ( with revisions)

    • $60 (one-shot aka no revisions)

  • $110 -Aitielkh (bep or sono)

  • Adult beps only (not fawns)

  • Includes 2 "simple" accessories (if accessories are complex, price will be increased to $10 per accessory- see examples below) Add further "simple" accessories at $5 each.

  • Shading +$5

  • Angora is an option (see image below); priced as a rare trait

  • Includes full two-sided ref (three-sided ref for sonos to show winter/summer markings is optional: add $10)

  • Unlimited common traits, up to one uncommon trait. +Uncommon traits add $10 each. Rare traits Add $20 each.

  • Chimerism: add $50

  • Mimic trait: add $30

  • Complexity fee: Angora Puli, extensive use of braids/french braids, ringlets add $10
  • Magic mastery/Elemental traits: Add $50 per magic type (but can add multiple traits of one element at this price)

  • Restricted traits add $30

  • Custom Companions add $20


Accessory examples:

NOTE: I am no longer drawing hats on antlered elkh. I will only draw hats if they have null antlers.

Considered "Simple"

Considered "complex"



You've earned the gildes and rolled a fawn and you'd like me to design them!
(note: you can choose for me to completely design the custom myself, or you can choose what direction you want it to go in, in which case you must provide me with a palette and clear directions. You can offer feedback on the sketch and I will make other adjustments (to markings/palette) once.)
This commission type includes only a single ref.

Fawn Design (any subspecies):
One-shot (no revisions): $40
With revisions: $70
Accessories: +$5 for up to 2 simple
Shading: +$5

Shroomkin or Habapi Custom

One-shot: $40
With revisions: $60

Shroomkin Form:
Miatian or Silkkassan:
Mushroom location:
Preference on hood/spore purse appearance:
Ear and tail type:
Mushroom species:
Shading y/n ($5):
Please add up your total:
Paypal address to invoice:

One-shot: $40
With revisions: $60

Habapi Form:
Crystal traits (+$25 ea):
Palette and markings:
Accessories (+$5 for 2 simple)?:
Shading y/n (+$5):
(Additionally) Anthro form y/n (+$30)
Please add up your total:
Paypal address to invoice:



You already have a fawn and you'd like me to design the adult form!

Growth (any non-aiti subspecies) $70
Growth (aiti subspecies) $90
Accessories: +$5 for up to 2 simple
Chimerism: +$40
Shading: +$5



If you have a design you'd like on my "base", you can commission that here! I actually don't use bases, so I draw each thing from scratch because that's just how I work :,> This is a great time to make adjustments/tweaks to the design, or to use trait potions etc!

Please specify if you want the masterlist art updated!


  • $70 - Bepotelkh & Sonoelkh
    $20- Add new simple accessories
    $40- add complex accessories
    $5- Shading
    $5- Add a ref (one with and one without accessories)
  • $90 - Aitielkh and Sonoaitielkh (includes flower crown)
    $20 - Add simple accessories
    $40- Add complex accessories
    $5- Shading
    $5 Add a ref (with and without flowercrown, pattern, and accessories)



I can alter the original artwork of your bep and add new accessories, or just draw the accessories alone for you. I would prefer to only alter my own original work, so if you have, say, a MYO you designed, you would be best served getting the accessory drawn separately or ordering a rebase with accessories. See the top "Customs" section for examples of what is considered simple or complex.
NOTE: I am no longer drawing hats on antlered elkh. I will only draw hats if they have null antlers.

1-2 Simple accessories- $30
(add $5 for addt'l accessories)

1-2 Complex accessories- $40
(add $10 for addt'l accessories)


Custom edits

Designs with artwork by Herboreal that are no more than 2-3 years old are eligible for edits such as adding new traits or changing existing traits.
Prices range from $10-30 depending on the edit and how many there are. Complete redesigns would fall under rebases.



Contact me on discord at Herboreal#6495
Or email me.

Order form for customs:

Age: (adult or young adult)
Other: (facial markings, tusks, buttfluff, braids, pupils, etc)
Color palette:
Any personality details you want showing?:
Shading on one of the two ref images: (yes/no)
For aitielkh, choose at least one flower (up to two +other plants/sticks etc) +1 gemstone for flower crown:
Flowercrown type:
Aitielkh pattern:
For sono aitielkh, choose/create a constellation:
Email address to send paypal invoice to:
Please add up your total to be invoiced: