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  1. The World of Bepotelkh
  2. The Ambassadors
  3. Your First Character
  4. Participating in Bepotelkh
    1. Character Profiles
    2. Storylines (factions)
  5.  Birthday Box

The World of Bepotelkh

Welcome to the world of Bepotelkh!

Bepotelkh are sapient cervids that come in many shapes, sizes and colors. They are very spirited creatures that live life following their whims and dreams. Some choose to live in the wild, with or without herds and companions. Some choose to live the domestic life along with human companions and coworkers. Others choose to devote their life to the goddess Aiti and become the magical aitielkh.

The world of bepotelkh features two distinct continents separated by a small stretch of ocean, about 15 to 20 hours by sail ship travel. Silkkassa is a large northern continent that enjoys a wide variety of climates and ecosystems, from frozen tundra to temperate rainforest.  The smaller southern continent of Miatias has it's own set of unique biomes, mostly consisting of desert but also including lush jungles and sky islands.

The setting for this world is around the turn of the 20th century (late 1800's early 1900's) Some towns have minimal electricity but fossil fuels are not used. Mining exists for the purpose of gathering metal for decorative and functional uses. Witches and wizards exist, but so do doctors and scientists. Most widely the people and animals live closely tied to the land and nature in harmony. Learn more about Humans in this world Here!

In addition to bepotelkh and their different subspecies, curious raccoon like creatures known as shroomkin are featured on both continents. Shroomkin are symbiotic with different types of mushroom and fungi. They live in the forests, mountains and foothills. You can read more about shroomkin Here!

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The Ambassadors

The ambassadors are Non-Playable Characters (NPCs) that are owned by Bepotelkh. Each village has its own ambassador, who acts as a liason between the domestic elkh and the humans of the village. 

If you do not own a Bepotelkh character, you may use an ambassador to complete Prompts (Mini Prompts and some Limited/General prompts).

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your first Character

There are several ways to get your first Elkh character! You can:

  • Go to our general shop and get a Starter Box for one free MYO ticket.
  • Purchase a premade design via official Herboreal flatsales or auctions.
  • Purchase a premade design via guest artist flatsales or auctions.
  • Purchase a custom design from Herboreal or Nopalrabbit.
  • Participate in free Bepotelkh events, including, but not limited to, Raffles, and Make-Your-Own (MYO) events.
  • Purchase a MYO slot using real-life currency.
  • Purchase a MYO slot using gildes earned by participating in Bepotelkh activities.
  • Purchase a Breeding using two Bepotelkh characters owned by other users. 

You can earn gildes by:

Every user may create up to three free MYO Shroomkin. Shroomkin can be used in mini prompts and shroomkin prompts to earn gildes. Please visit the Desgin Guide on info on how to design your shroomkin.

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Participating in Bepotelkh

character profiles

Once you have your character, you may customize their profile. To access your characters click the Home tab on the navigation bar and select "My Characters".

Select your character to go to their Masterlist Entry.


From here use the left navigation bar to select "edit profile" (near the bottom of the list).


Here you can enter your character's name, add a profile link and pick your character's location and faction.  For the Profile link we highly reccomend a Toyhouse link OR a link to a good image referance for your character.  For locations, there are Towns for domestic beps and Regions for wild beps and shroomkin, visit the World Map for more information. Faction is which storyline you would like your character to follow, visit the Factions page for more information. You may change your faction at any time but it WILL ERASE your current storyline progress, if you have any. Shroomkin do not have factions.

It is optional to write about your character in the Profile Content box, but if you do other players will be more likely to include your characters in their prompts and you can get a bonus gilde! We require approximately 100 words OR for you to fill out this bullet point form. Feel free to write more than 100 words or change up the form with your own bullet points!

  • Location/home:
  • Pronouns:
  • Hobby or job:
  • Favorite thing:
  • Least favorite thing:
  • Friend(s):
  • Positive qualities:
  • Flaws:

To receive your bonus gilde send in a claim with your character's profile link in the URL box. Or send in multiple profiles at once by linking them in the comment box. More info on submitting claims here!


There are toggles to allow you set if you would like your charcter to be available for gift art/writing, breeding and trade. you can change these at any time.


The updated profile will have your toggle options reflected in the top right corner of the character's masterlist entry. This allows people to quickly see if your character is open/closed/ask first for gift art/writing, breeding and trade.

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storylines (factions)

Storylines, also called Factions, are the main way to participate in the ARPG. There are different types of storylines to choose from depending on your type of character and which continent they are located on. From the World Map page select the All Factions button on the left navigation bar to find our list of Storylines. Click each Storyline to learn more about the setting and to see the member ranks. 



To progress through the storyline you complete storyline prompts, which will then give your character rank points to increases their member rank.  To view the prompts Go to the World Button on the top navigation bar and select "Prompts".  There it will link to all available prompts categories for Bepotelkh, including the Storyline categories.

Storyline prompts must be done in the order they appear, except for Followers of Aiti Storylines, which can be done in any order after the first one (Initiation) is completed.

After completing the first three prompts in Village Stories and Oasis Dreams your character can complete the "Working Class" prompt. The reward for completing this prompt is a Work Permit,  which allows you to design official work gear for your character.  Featuring your character in their working gear or otherwise working earns you extra gilde bonuses in submission.



After completing the first three prompts in Wild Pact and Desert Trail your character can complete the "A Visit to the Shrine" prompt. The reward for completing this prompt is the Wild Speak ability for your bep. Wild Speak allows your bep to have full communication with animals. Once you've earned Wild Speak, featuring your character communicating with animals in prompts earns you extra gilde bonuses. Learn more a about how beps communicate with others with or without Wild Speak here

Work Permits and Wild Speak are only for non-magical beps. Aiti cannot have work permits. Aiti are also already blessed with the ability to speak to animals.

Once your character has advanced through and completed their Storyline, you can earn a completion Award (see all awards here) and other bonuses (TBA).

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Birthday box

Happy birthday! After you sign up for the site update your profile settings to show your birthday and you will get a special treat on the first day of your birthday month! For the feature to work you must have at least your birthday month visible to members (option 4). If you do not want any part of your birthday on your profile please send in a claim during your birthday month and a mod will send you your box.

Check out what's in the Birthday Box HERE

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