Starter MYO Guide

Created: 24 April 2023, 08:03:14 MST
Last updated: 24 April 2023, 08:10:42 MST

Making your first MYO design


step 1:

Pick a subspecies. This can be any subspecies including any subtype of Bepotelkh or Sonoelkh, but it cannot be an Aitielkh or Sono Aitielkh, which require a different kind of MYO ticket. Read more on subspecies in the encyclopedia.

Step 2:

Decide if you're going to use a base or draw it yourself. You may edit the lineart on the bases to your liking if you choose to use them.

Step 3:

Check the visual trait index and Design guide.

  • Please note the different trait rarities and that the Starter MYO ticket allows for any number of common traits + 2 uncommon traits. You may be able to get additional UC  traits by using the gildes from the starter box.
  • Please note some traits are exclusively for SONOELKH or BEPOTELKH or AITIELKH. Traits between sonoelkh and bepotelkh can be put together if you choose to make a hybrid, in which case you will list a bepotelkh subtype and a sonoelkh subtype, plus the "hybrid" trait when you submit your MYO. No aiti traits may be used on your starter MYO.
  • Please note your elkh needs a base Primary marking such as "single" "fade" "standard" etc. These markings will say "This is a Primary marking" on their encyclopedia entry. Other markings can be layered on top of this marking. Some markings cannot be combined, so again, check the encyclopedia if you are unsure!
  • Clicking a trait takes you to the encyclopedia; clicking the magnifying glass on that entry takes you to examples of the trait on the masterlist. You can also use the Advanced Search Option on the masterlist to find elkh with the traits you want examples of. This is helpful for learning the ways in which a trait can be expressed.

Check the Design Guide for instructions on how to use markings and on color restrictions. Beps and Sonos are limited to "realistic" palettes and markings need to follow their descriptions in the encyclopedia (clicking on traits on the visual trait index will take you to their encyclopedia entry). Markings have fairly strict expression due to the breeding system.


Step 4:

Submit your MYO design using this guide.

If your MYO is returned to you for changes, please note you may need to do a "Hard Refresh" to see the updated file you've attached.
How to do a hard refresh on your browser to see updated images on the site:
Mac: command + shift + R
Windows: control + F5


We highly recommend joining the group discord so we can help you with any questions or troubleshooting!