Aitielkh (Bepotelkh Subtype)

Aitielkh guide
The magical and very secretive counterpart to the bepotelkh. Tall, lean, graceful.

Casa Sono

Casa Sono (Bepotelkh Subtype)

Bepotelkh guide

Originally from the Matsana Jungle, these teeny-tiny counterparts to Villa Beps are mildly fluffy all over, but not to the extent of Villas. Unlike Villa's reputation for a sunshiney attitude, Casas are stubborn, independent, and resourceful.


Highland (Bepotelkh Subtype)

Bepotelkh guide

Originally from rocky, often-arid plateaus and in the mountains. Smaller than the Taiga Bepotelkh, fur is usually slatey-gray but varies, especially in captivity. Hooves are smaller, sharper, and well-suited to mountain climbing.


Mountain (Bepotelkh Subtype)

Bepotelkh guide

A massive subspecies living high in the mountains and at northerly latitudes. Mane covers the entire front of the torso, hooves serve as giant snowshoes. This species almost always sports a beard.


Polar (Bepotelkh Subtype)

Bepotelkh guide

Hails from the North Tundra of Silkkassa. Has thick, shaggy fur. Hooves are wide for walking on snow.

Sono Aitielkh

Sono Aitielkh (Bepotelkh Subtype)

Aitielkh guide

The magical and very secretive counterpart to the sonoelkh. Tall, lean, graceful.


Sonoelkh (Bepotelkh Subtype)

Sonoelkh guide

Sonoelkh live on the continent of Miatias, in the dry, but life-filled deserts. Wild sonos are nomadic, traveling to find water and food as needed. Domestic sonos live in villages which are usually near rivers or washes; some in the mountains. Sonos are fairly small in stature with large ears, no fetlocks, and manes that run along the back of the neck only.


Swampland (Bepotelkh Subtype)

Bepotelkh guide

A lowland subspecies; prefers to inhabit wetlands and swamps. Fur is sometimes tinged green with mosses, lichens, and algae. Tall and spindly; little to no fetlocks.


Taiga (Bepotelkh Subtype)

Bepotelkh guide

Forest-dwelling, living in the boreal northwoods. The most common of the bepotelkh species.


Villa (Bepotelkh Subtype)

Bepotelkh guide

Lives almost exclusively on Villainen, where they became a subspecies (likely derived from polar beps). They're extremely small for bepotelkh and their fur is mane-length over almost their entire body (with face fur typically being shorter). They often have a naturally chipper disposition compared with other beps.


Silkkassan (Shroomkin Subtype)

Shroomkin guide

Shroomkin are raccoon-like little creatures living in the forest. They keep out of sight of humans but are close friends with bepotelkh and especially aitielkh.  They may have mushrooms growing out of their head, ruff, or flanks.


Miatian (Shroomkin Subtype)

Shroomkin guide

Miatian shroomkin are similar to Silkkassan shroomkin, but have a longer snout, long tails, and claws that don't retract. It's most common for them to have their mushrooms on their backs.

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