Acorn (A)

Displays as: 0 Acorn
Held by: Users

An autumnfound currency which can be spent at the event shop during Autumnfound.

Beast Token (BT)

Displays as: 0 Beast Token
Held by: Users

Beast tokens are connected to Aiti Beast Trials and may be used to purchase exclusive Beast Trial items when the seasonal shop is open.

Crystal Gilde

Crystal Gilde (CG)

Displays as: 0 Crystal Gilde
Held by: Users

Special currency available to Patreon members.


Gildes (G)

Displays as: 0 Gildes
Held by: Users

Holly Bundle (HB)

Displays as: 0 Holly Bundle
Held by: Users

Magic Points (MP)

Displays as: 0 Magic Points
Held by: Users
Rank Points

Rank Points (RP)

Displays as: 0 Rank Points
Held by: Characters

Standing in a given faction.

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