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Created: 4 February 2022, 09:15:40 MST
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If two well-intentioned adult elkh make an offering to Aiti, She will bless them with a fawn of their own regardless of the parents' genders, subtypes, or locations. The fawn will inherit their traits and their colors from one or both parents, although there are items that can alter the outcome of a breeding. 

Table of Contents

  1. Inheritance
    1. Aitielkh Breedings
  2. Breeding Items
  3. Fawn Limitations
  4. How to Breed
  5. Growing Your Fawns
  6. Examples


Fawns inherit colors from one or both parents, either exact colors or colors obtained by mixing the parent colors together (coat color restrictions still apply. If you somehow manage to make pink or purple from a mixture of colors, it will be rejected). Please do not use eye colors on the coat. Please make sure the fawn still resembles the parents somehow. We should be able to tell at a glance that the fawn is related by their colors. The fawn system is meant to be a restrictive game completely different from making a MYO. Please do not push the limits too far and be cooperative if we ask for changes.

The traits your fawn may inherit include:

  • Mane
  • Tail
  • Antlers
  • Ears
  • Markings
  • Subtype
  • Rare traits

You may choose any two of these traits to keep from the parents. The rest of the fawn's traits are randomly inherited from the parents:

  • 50% probability of inheritance if one parent has the trait.
  • 100% probability of inheritance if both parents have the trait.
  • 33% probability of hybrid if both parents are different subtypes. Aitielkh and sono aitielkh do not produce hybrids with non-aitielkh elkh. 

Fawns that have only one sonoelkh parent will always result in a sono hybrid.

  • If the other parent is a hybrid the two subspecies of the hybrid will be rolled against eachother.
  • If both parents are hybrids all three subspecies that are not sono will be rolled against eachother.
  • You do not need to pick sono hybrid as one of your kept traits, if applicable (see above senarios) you may pick the other subspecies it will be hybridized with as one of your kept traits.
  • If one parent is a sono and the other is a sono hybrid it will always result in a sono hybrid.

Chimera may occur naturally, but has an increased chance of appearing in a fawn if one or both parents has chimerism. You may request not to have your fawn rolled for random chimerism.

  • 2% probability if neither parent has chimerism.
  • 20% probability if one or both parents have chimerism.

Restricted traits are not heritable.


Aitielkh Breedings

Most elkh traits are not restricted for aitielkh and sono aitielkh and may not appear on their masterlist entries. In this case, users may still keep a trait from the aitielkh or sono aitielkh parent provided the trait is recognizable on the aitielkh or sono aitielkh parent and is found as an existing trait.

Non-aitielkh fawns with one aitielkh or sono aitielkh parent will inherit only natural or desaturated colors from the aitielkh or sono aitielkh parent. Since markings are not a trait on aitielkh, if the fawn of an aitielkh and regular bep results in a regular bep fawn, the FIRST TWO marking traits are automatically passed down and all other marking traits are left up to chance unless the player requests to keep them (you can still only keep two traits of your choosing unless you have the resin incense item).

Breeding Items

Breeding Items can change the outcome of your breeding! This includes adding an additional color to your fawn, choosing an additional trait to keep, and more! You can find these items and their uses listed in the encyclopedia.



Fawn Limitations

Fawns may not:

  • Participate in Prompts not marked specifically for fawns.
  • Earn a Working Permit
  • Breed

How to Breed

  1. Purchase a Fawn Breeding.
  2. Submit a Claim (instructions follow).
  3. Wait for your fawn to be rolled and ticket made on the MYO Masterlist.
  4. Design your fawn. All fawns are Make-Your-Own (MYO) and do not come with a design. You may design them yourself or commission an artist for the artwork.

Instructions on how to submit a claim

Hit the Submit button in the right hand corner and select Submit claim. In the Comments section write which two traits you'd like to be automatically given to the fawn (if any) . If you are using any breeding items please state which one you're using and how you'd like it used. If Applicable, please make sure you have the owner's permission before breeding their characters.

Scroll past rewards and select "Add Character" input your character's Character code. Their information should pop up automatically. Ignore the "add rewards" buttons

Scroll down to Add-ons and select "Your Inventory", use the search functions to find your Fawn Breeding ticket. Make sure to select the check box or else it will not go through.  (If you are using any breeding items this is where you would add and select them).
Scroll to the very bottom and hit "Submit"

Once submitted a mod will use a RNG to roll your fawn's traits and then upload a MYO ticket under your name with said traits. At that point you may design your character and submit for approval via the ticket under the settings: Submit MYO design.

Growing your Fawns

There are a few ways you may grow your fawn into an adult:

  • Complete all 4 "Coming of Age" prompts. OR
  • Purchase a fawn growth for 20 gildes from the General Shop. OR
  • Commission Herboreal or other official designer for a fawn growth.


Here are some examples of what to expect from a breeding! Please note that the rarity of a trait or marking does not affect the chances of a fawn inheriting it.

Taiga Bepotelkh
Markings: Reverse, Spot
Mane: Standard, Ombre Mane
Tail: Long
Antlers: Ramosis
Ears: Standard
Other: Eyebrow, Freckle, Double braids
Swampland Bepotelkh
Markings: Fade, Spot, Sock
Mane/fur: Wavy, Ombre mane, Angora
Tail: Unicorn
Antlers: Singharine
Ears: Lamb
Other: Beard, Single braids, Dutch

Swampland Bepotelkh
Markings:  Fade (parent 2), Spot (both parents), Sock (parent 2)
Mane/fur: Wavy (parent 2), Ombre mane (both parents)
Tail: Long (parent 1)
Antlers: Singharine (parent 2)
Ears: Standard (parent 1)
Other: Eyebrow (parent 1), Single braids (parent 2), Dutch (parent 2) 


Flower crown: Trailing arbutus, chicory, aquamarine.
Mane: Standard
Tail: Unicorn
Antlers: Ramosis
Ears: Long
Other: Metallic pattern (rare); overgrown mane (restricted).
Taiga Bepotelkh
Markings: Fade (uncommon), piebald (uncommon), spot (common), stars of aiti (restricted)
Mane: Extra fluffy (rare)
Tail: Standard (common)Antlers: Running candelabra (uncommon)
Ears: Lamb (uncommon)
Other: Freckle, eyering


Creosote Bundle

825_aLJE3uXbuM_PEF99HjZPS9nHoT_full.png 824_rS0GKCxyqA_ZQweiyjU3Rh4Rxx_full.png
(traits requested by player: Aitielkh species, Ramosis antlers)
Type: Aiti
Age: Fawn
Mane: Standard (parent 1)
Tail: Standard (parent 2)
Antlers: Ramosis (parent 1)
Ears: Long (parent 1)
Flower crown: TBD
Taiga Bepotelkh
(traits requested by player: unicorn tail, lamb ears)
Type: Taiga
Age: Fawn
Markings: Fade (parent 2)+ Piebald (parent 2)
Mane: Extra Fluffy (parent 2)
Tail: Unicorn (parent 1)
Antlers: Ramosis (parent 1)
Ears: Lamb (parent 2)
Other: Standard facial marking

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