Thaumaturgy (Elemental)

Category: Magic
Species: Bepotelkh

Allows an aitielkh to move objects that weigh less than themselves (does not apply to living beings) (objects below 5-600lbs). This may include lifting/moving inanimate items, making the items tremble or spin, etc.

The aitielkh can now move objects that weigh as much as or slightly more than themself, and can manipulate the objects more intricately- such as tying a knot.

Allows an aitielkh to manipulate even fairly large items with their without touching them. This may include lifting/moving fallen trees. Smaller items can be recalled to the aitielkh's side at great speed. The aitielkh can now manifest objects (does not apply to living beings) by making an "offering". Example: a glowing mushroom can be transformed into a lantern; moss into cloth, etc.

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