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Aitielkh Magic Trials


  • You can complete trials at any time at your own pace, however, they must be completed in order.
  • Complete them with art or writing! They will be rewarded standard currency.
  • You can only complete trials with adult elkh. If you'd like to grow your fawn into an adult, you can spend 20 gildes at the ARPG shop to grow them instantly (MYO adult design) or complete the Coming of Age storyline (again, MYO adult design). You can also commission a growth in lieu of these other two options.
  • Bepotelkh, Sonoelkh, and Shroomkin play a part in these trials. Pictures of the beps/shroomkin in the story will be linked so you can draw them if necessary. There will be examples for both Silkkassa (aitielkh) and Miatias (sono aitielkh).


In addition to the magic skills unlocked at each level, there are rewards for unlocking Level 2 and Mastery magic skills​

  • At level 2 your aiti unlocks a corresponding elemental wisp companion. This companion has the qualities of the magic the aiti has unlocked and takes whatever shape the aiti chooses.  Examples: 
    Examples of wisp companions such as a fire themed rabbit and an overgrowth themed snake.
  • After mastering a magic your aiti unlocks corresponding elemental traits. These traits can be shown off or hidden at will. There is no limit to how many elemental traits your aiti can possess as long as they have mastered the magic. Examples:
    Examples of elemental traits such as flame tipped antlers, flaming mane, trailing sparkles, etc.
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