MotA: The Dragon and the Corruption Crystal

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The Dragon and the Corruption crystal


After the world reconnected with the Habapi in the Matsana Jungle, Vesper has left the aiti pool in the care of a group of trusted aitielkh and traveled to the depths of the Jungle in search of answers to the troubles Aitielkh have been facing. Meridias, The Southern Dragon, has been guarding the crystal for hundreds of years, but the crystal has long since been breached. Taking in the scene of a sleeping dragon covered in corruption injuries, wrapped around giant crystals in a massive barren area, it's clear now: the corruption plaguing Silkkassa and Miatias originates here. Aitielkh from all over are being summoned to work together to heal the massive dragon in the hopes she might know the key to restoring the corruption sealing crystal, and might relay what happened in the first place.

The habapi nervously look on from the surrounding jungle; Tatera, a descendant of the former leaders is shaking with fear...



Join in this Beast Trial with your aitielkh to earn Beast Boxes with special prizes! As always, if the group collectively meets the goal, every participant will receive an extra Lv2 Beast Box at the end of the event and Meridias' uncorrupted artwork will be added to the figures page! For this event, more prizes will be unlocked and delivered to each participant at each objective, see the prompt page for more info!


-40 MP: Meridias is healed

(Healed Meridias art added to the figures page)
-50 MP: The Crystal is healed
(Habapi magic and breeding introduced in February)
-60 MP: The Habapi are healed
(Habapi Crystal-Trait Crafting feature introduced in February)

Track progress here!





Southern Dragonhorn Antlers & Dragonmane

Dragonhorn antlers are now Northern Dragonhorn Antlers and there are now Southern Dragonhorn Antlers as well! These antlers look like massive horns reaching up and back, covered with pointed segments that look like scales. These can be applied to all elkh.

Dragonmane is now available as a Rare trait, both for beps and sonos.
This fluffy mane sprouts from the back of the head and neck only. Try combining it with other mane texture types by using a Mysterious Carving!



The reward for participating in this event is a beast box! The level of box you recieve for a prompt correlates directly to the magic your aitielkh used in said prompt. Beast boxes are gacha boxes with a chance of winning any one of the items inside of them. Chances are listed below.

Beast boxes include beast tokens as well! The amount you get corresponds to the level of beast box (lv 1 gets 1 token and so forth). The beast token shop will open January 1st and remains open through February 7th; you will be able to use your tokens to purchase the prizes unique to this event.

Resin Incense - 30% chance
Rare Trait Potion- 30% chance
Bat Wings Potion- 20% chance
Kirin Scale- 10% chance
Southern Dragonhorn Potion- 10% chance


Aiti Rare Trait Potion- 30% chance
Bat Wings Potion- 30% chance
Kirin Scale- 20% chance
Southern Dragonhorn Potion- 20% chance


Bat Wings Potion- 20% chance
Kirin Scale- 40% chance
Southern Dragonhorn Potion- 40% chance




Free MYO Event

For Month of the Aiti, we're inviting everyone to make one free common MYO aitielkh (bep or sono) fawn!
Visit the event shop to pick up your ticket!

Get Aiti Rare Traits for your myo!

1: Submit your MYO design anytime this month and you can include one aiti rare trait on your design!
2: Advertise the event on the social media of your choice and send us a link or screenshot via claim to recieve one aiti rare trait potion!

Important notes and information:

-There are no color or marking restrictions on aitielkh (do not need to use bep markings!)
-All "base" C/UC/R traits such as manes, tails, ears, and antlers do not have rarity on aitielkh and thus are free to use!
-Aitielkh fawns do not yet sport a flowercrown or pattern, so please omit them from your design until they are grown.
-Antlers should only be single nubs as in the above example, but please pick which type of antlers they will have as an adult and add them to the trait list.
-These free MYOs are giftable and tradeable once created but cannot be sold.

Please use the following to design and submit your MYO:

-Design Guide
-Visual Trait Index
-Bep anatomy
-Bases (optional): Bep Aiti  Sono Aiti
-Masterlist examples of aitielkh fawns
-MYO Submission Guide
-Join our discord for more help!


Gilde Traits are now UC/R Traits

This month, we're consolidating gilde traits into Rare Traits and Uncommon Traits. The site and game have changed over time, and gilde traits just didn't really fit anymore. Furthermore, the prices of rare & uncommon potions are the same as gilde trait potions, so it just made sense! The traits are still available; they're just alongside all the others now! If you have gilde trait potions in your inventory, you may resell them from your inventory or use them as R/UC traits by attaching them to a MYO design!


Heldigs Charm

Introducing a new breeding item: Heldigs Charm! Heldig, the "god of luck", is often given offerings in the community discord when fawns are rolled, as users hope to get good luck in their elkh passing down desirable traits. We're making Restricted Traits more obtainable via breeding using this charm. Present this charm with your breeding claim to get a 50% chance of your choice of restricted trait being passed on to the fawn.

The number of charms able to be used on a breeding is limited only by the number of restricted traits the parents have, but they can only be applied to each restricted trait once. For example, if the parents have 5 different restricted traits, you may use 5 charms and each restricted trait will have a 50% chance of being passed down. You may not use more than 1 charm on 1 trait (in other words, if the roll fails to pass down the trait, you cannot keep using charms until you get a success; there is only one chance).

You can find Heldigs Charm in the Crystal Gilde Shop.

All current and new members of the Patreon will get a free Heldigs Charm this month!



  • MotA aitielkh companions are available for sale in the Aitielkh shop!
  • The Featured Character is updated on the front page!
  • There's a new Daily Calendar!
  • There's a new collectible plush toy in the Elkh Shop!
  • Sono races are being moved to March! Get your runners ready!


Patreon & server Boost rewards

There are a few Bepotelkh tiers on Herboreal's patreon which award you monthly goodies like premium currency! Help support the site & its creators by subscribing!
You can also boost the Discord server and earn 1CG per boost per month, as well as access to the Sponsor chat. The sponsor chat get sneak peeks and sponsor-exclusive raffles.


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