Shaped Marking

Shaped Marking (Rare)

Category: Markings
Species: Bepotelkh

A secondary marking.

This trait allows for one marking of one color on a bep or sono to be any shape of your choice (as long as it fits within the canon of this early 1900s-era fantasy world). You can have multiple shaped markings by purchasing multiple rare trait potions and applying them to the design. Stars and hearts are fair game, but only one star/heart per rare trait potion. Bep/sono color restrictions apply.

Cannot be used on albino or top of areas of piebald/melanic; but can be used to SHAPE piebald/melanic.

This marking is heritable; the marking stays the same on the fawn. If both parents have a shaped marking, the marking may be one or the other or an amalgamation of both shapes.

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