Kelpie's Curse

Kelpie's Curse (Restricted)

Category: Misc
Species: Bepotelkh

Elkh who encounter Ulpukka may be subject to Kelpie's Curse: a trait which "curses" the elkh to live with a kelpie form which allows them to breathe and swim underwater. In its most extreme appearance, the form includes milky eyes that are missing an iris, glowing pupils, upper tusks, waterweeds in the mane and/or tail, and a greenish appearance overall (we use a 40% color layer with a subdued green).
This form has several options:
-A permanent kelpie appearance (strong curse)
-A semi-permanent kelpie apperance which only occurs when the bep touches water (weaker curse)
-A mixed kelpie appearance where the bep's base form includes an upper tusk (if not already present) and semi-milky eyes (weaker curse). They may still look further kelpie-like when they touch water.
You're free to apply this trait to any bep and decide which option fits your character. Some kelpie-cursed beps (or.. "belpies") may appear typical until they touch water, leading them to try to hide their condition. Others may embrace their new abilities!

You may submit an additional masterlist image of your elkh's kelpie form as an image update if you wish but it is not required when applying the kelpie's curse potion. This potion can be applied to any type of elkh or aitielkh; aitielkh have more control over the curse than regular elkh. In-canon this gives your elkh the ability to breathe and swim underwater.

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