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Creosote Bundle

Category: Breeding Items

Make this offering at a shrine to receive twin fawns. Must be used BEFORE the roll (submit when submitting your breeding claim)
(item consumed upon use)

Player may choose beforehand to have the fawns rolled separately or for them to be rolled once so they have identical traits.

When in use with other breeding items: You may use the same item (Resin Incense, Tender Shoots and Glowing Stone) for both twins ONLY IF you are keeping the same trait/color for both fawns. If you want to use the items for different traits/colors on both fawns you will need two of the item. Heldig's Charm may be also be applied to both fawns for the same requested trait, however the charm will be rolled for the fawns individually, meaning the fawns may have different outcomes. You may request that heldig's charm is only rolled once for both fawns (so they match) but you must state your request in the breeding claim before the fawn is rolled.


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