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Plushie Goodie Bag

Category: Boxes


Contains 2 crystal gildes and a random plush accessory!


Plush Accessories (equal chance of any one):

  • Plush Bep
  • Plush Boarlet
  • Plush Furcifer*
  • Plush Fuzzy Familiar (black) (white)
  • Plush Heldig
  • Plush Lightning Master*
  • Plush Lita
  • Plush Matka
  • Plush Meridias*
  • Plush Noë
  • Plush Rambler
  • Plush Shroomkin
  • Plush Sono
  • Plush Ulpukka*
  • Plush Valasong*
  • Plush Villoso*

*Exclusive to this goodie bag!