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2 | Thaumaturgy: Intermediate

2 | Thaumaturgy: Intermediate


The spring snowmelt has caused the rivers to swell and rush wildly. Your aitielkh spots an elkh fawn approaching a riverbank edge that rises a few feet above the water. Once they approach, a gush of water tears away the chunk of earth connecting the riverbank cliff to the mainland, and the fawn is now stranded and terrified. The remaining chunk of land will surely crumble shortly. How does your aitielkh help the fawn using their extant Thaumaturgy powers without being able to move the fawn itself? 


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Reward Amount
Gildes 7
Wisp (Thaumaturgy) 1


3 | Thaumaturgy: Mastery
This prompt requires you to have completed 1 | Thaumaturgy: Awakening 1 time.
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