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2 | Friendly Fire: Intermediate

2 | Friendly Fire: Intermediate


Your aitielkh has sensed a being that needs help. A shroomkin has been caught out in a blizzard, and the temperatures are far below freezing. They will need warmth to survive, but with the heavy snowfall and fierce winds, a fire out in the open wouldn't last long. How will your aitielkh use their extant Friendly Fire powers to help the shroomkin?


See here for Prompt Requirements & Rewards.

  • Additional character required. Must be a shroomkin; see here for shroomkin available for gift art and here for shroomkin available for gift writing.


Reward Amount
Gildes 7
Wisp (Fire) 1


3 | Friendly Fire: Mastery
This prompt requires you to have completed 1 | Friendly Fire: Awakening 1 time.
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