BT Wrap-Up! Starter Boxes! Wild Speak! More!

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2nd Beast trials wrap-up!

The nibblers were deftly shooed away from the Lightning Master, who was able to recover and once again fiercely stand watch over the fulgarite beach,  always waiting to teach new aitielkh students how to dance with lightning. Does the Master seem a bit... humbled???

The Post-Trial Event Shop is now open for the month of August! As a reminder, we do have to clear out the earned MP in order to reuse the event tracker, so the shop is now Beast Tokens only!

Introducing Starter boxes

We've made starting out with Beps easier by creating Starter Boxes! These boxes are now available at the General Shop and are free; one per person! You can pick up a box regardless of how long you've played, so please enjoy your MYO and bonus gildes! Instructions for using the box are on the item itself, but of course we are happy to answer questions in the discord as well.

New MYO Bases

We thought it would be a good idea to provide some new bases for the sake of the MYO starter boxes! These can be used to more easily design your first MYO or to play around with design ideas before finalizing. You can find them on the Design Guide.


Wild Speak

Completing Village Stories prompts allows elkh to earn a Work Permit. Now, an equivalent reward has been created for Wild Pact: Wild Speak! An oft-requested feature, this will allow your elkh to speak fluently to animals and understand them as well! Complete the required Wild Pact prompts to earn this skill and recieve a bonus whenever it's featured in future prompts. As with the Work Permit, you may also buy the Wild Speak Blessing in the general shop.

Aitielkh inherently posess the ability to communicate with animals via telepathy or Wild Speak. Most elkh speak to wild animals and companion animals at the same level of understanding as a human has with their domestic pet.  The elkh can talk to the animal and depending on the relationship the animal has with the elkh, the animal may or may not understand them. Some bepotelkh who have lived in the wild long enough get blessed by Aiti and gain the WIld Speak ability. This ability allows Beps to use a combination of speech, chattering and body language to successfully communitcate with all animals, wild or domestic.

Odds & Ends

  • The featured character is updated for August (see main page)! Earn 8 gildes for drawing them and submitting as a prompt.
  • Note that this is the last month to buy Summer accessories in the Elkh Shop!
  • This month is a great time to complete more magic trials to hone aitielkh's skills for future beast trials. The next trial is in October!


Nubian sono ears + Free Raffle Design

Sonos can now enjoy the same floppy nubian ears beps have had for awhile now! In fact, this month's raffle design is sporting them!

As always, you can enter for this raffle by making a gift for another user and submitting it under the Raffle prompt!
(Go to WORLD > Prompts >Limited Prompts- please check the submission guide if you need help learning how to submit prompts- or ask in our discord chat!)


Stay tuned; Autumnfound is on the wind with more exciting new things.


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