Sono Races and Goodie Bags!

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Sonoelkh Races 2024

Sonoelkh all over Miatias have been practicing all year for this year's sono race! Sign up your sonoelkh and complete tasks for your elkh to compete in the big race! Each task gets you closer to the goal!


Casa Climb


Casa sonos, with their short legs, are not built to run fast or for long distances. What they are good at is nimbly climbing steep surfaces! A course has been created on the mountainside near Tama, with bright pennant markers to indicate the course direction.


how to participate

Players may enter their Miatian elkh into Sono Races (for Sonoelkh and sonoelkh-hybrids) and The Casa Climb (for Casa Sonos and casa sono-hybrids). Players may enter either race, or both, up to 4 characters total. The race is run by randomly generated dice rolls (4 sided).  For each "Task" you complete your character gets 1 dice roll. You may only complete 4 tasks total, but if you complete all 4, you get a bonus roll (5 rolls total).

The first task is to Get Your Number! Please Reply to THIS COMMENT and state which character(s) you'd like to sign up and for which race they will be in. A mod will then add you to our spreadsheet where we will keep track of the racer's completed tasks. The Racer's number will be thir ML number (but feel free to draw/write them with different a dfferen number if you wish). The races are for non-magical elkh (no aiti), hybrids are allowed but the character should be a resident of the southern continent of Miatias!

To complete more Tasks you can submit prompts, which will award you more dice rolls in the race. There is a variety of prompts with different requirements (many do not require backgrounds). You may only do up to three prompts for each racer (however, you may repeat the same prompt if you have multiple racers.)  The prompts are titled "Sono Races" but are for both Sono Races and Casa Climb. When submitting prompts please remember to add your racer to the prompt submission under "characters" (Do not add any other characters, even if they appear in the prompts, this is so the mods know who to award the task to.)

The Sono races and Casa Climb prompts will be available to do from Friday March 1st to Saturday March 30th. The day after the event ends (Sunday March 31) Nopal will run the races live in our discord chat!



  • First place gets a semi-custom from their choice of either Herboreal, Nopal or Key (unlimited uncommon slot; moodboard; no revisions) 80 gildes, a special award badge for their racer and a Fast Fuzzy companion.
  • Second place gets an All Purpose Restricted Trait Potion, 60 Gildes, a special award badge for their racer and a Fast Fuzzy companion.
  • Third place gets a Rare Trait Potion, 40 Gildes, a special award badge for their racer and a Fast Fuzzy companion.


  • First place gets a semi-custom from either Herboreal, Nopal or Key** (unlimited uncommon slot; moodboard; no revisions) 80 gildes, a special award badge for their racer and a Fast Fuzzy companion.
  • Second place gets an All Purpose Restricted Trait Potion, 60 Gildes, a special award badge for their racer and a Fast Fuzzy companion.
  • Third place gets a Rare Trait Potion, 40 Gildes, a special award badge for their racer and a Fast Fuzzy companion.

** The Casa Climb first place winner will pick from the two remaining artists after the Sono Race winner picks. This is so we do not overburden our artists, thank you for understanding!

All Racers who complete at least one prompt will receive a Participation Badge and Sura Roadrunner companion at the end of the event!




a "fawn" day at the races

This month for Sono Races we have a special Fawn prompt! Draw or Write about your fawn going to the Sono Races or Casa Climb event! For completing this prompt your fawn will get a Sono Races Souvenir Bandana as well as a Growth Ticket. The prompt can only be done once per fawn and the fawn must be a resident of Miatias.

See WORLD > PROMPTS > LIMITED PROMPTS > A "Fawn" Day at the Races


Spring 2024 Accessories & March Plush Collectible

This spring (March, April, May), you can find the Rainy and Frogpond sets in the Elkh Shop! Each set consists of a waxed shawl "rain jacket" with silver embroidery, as well as painted wooden mane (or tail) clips.

The collectible plush toy this month is Ambassador Lita in honor of the Sono Races!

See WORLD >Elkh Shop


Habapi Happenings

As Habapi return to their old home, many are re-learning how to use their ancestors crafting runes. Maybe something good will happen if all the current locations have been collectively explored by the group...



Annual Goodie Bag Fundraiser Returns!

Goodie bags are back for this month only! Grab them in the USD shop (be sure to DM Herboreal on discord to let her know you made a purchase, especially if your ko-fi username is different from your discord or site username, as they have to be hand-delivered!)  Your purchases help keep the site running and help us continue to bring you new features! We have some really exciting stuff planned for this year; helping us cover costs of site upkeep, development, and our own cost of living is massively helpful to our ability to bring those plans to life.


All possible bag contents are listed on the appropriate encyclopedia entries. Please read carefully so you understand what quantity of items you'll recieve!

-Bep Goodie Bag
(Gildes, CG, a retired accessory, a retired companion)
-Aiti Goodie Bag
(A magic crystal, a random beast trial potion, a random retired aiti companion or  enchanted accessory)
-Habapi Goodie Bag
(A habapi MYO or Breeding ticket, 2 random crafting runes, and one recipe-locked crystal trait potion)
-Plush Goodie Bag
(2CG and a random plush accessory)

The new Plush Goodie Bag contains exclusive plush that will not be sold in the elkh shop or otherwise be easily obtainable!
These plush feature friends we've met during Beast Trials: Villoso, Valasong, Ulpukka, Meridias, Lightning Master, and Furcifer!



Sono Trait artwork adjustments

Herboreal has updated the traits and artwork for a number of sono traits including all the ear types (to better portray the size of the ears), and to provide alternate versions of gilde traits so it's more obvious that they are also available for sonoelkh to use. The affected traits include cloudy mane, cloudy tail, ringlet mane, ringlet tail, cloudy marking, saddle marking, dorsal marking, dun marking, cinnamon roll marking, furry ears, and puffy ears.

See RESOURCES >Bepotelkh Visual Trait Index


Other Fixes/Updates

  • Dark mode crafting legibility issue fixed
  • Crafting page visuals updated
  • Crafting added to navigation (under HOME)
  • Companions added to navigation (under HOME)
  • Habapi trait index added to navigation (under RESOURCES)


New Feature: USer Shops

You can now open your own shop to sell potions you've crafted, or items you've collected that you don't need!

  • See HOME > My Shops to edit your shop
  • WORLD > All User Shops to view user shops
  • HOW TO USE: Set up your shop under HOME > My Shops first, and then go to HOME >Inventory and click "Quick Stock" on the upper right. Then, return to "My Shops" to price your inventory.
  • Advertise your shop in the discord using the User Shops channel if you like!

See RESOURCES >Bepotelkh Visual Trait Index




  • Seasonal wrapping papers have been rotated
  • The Featured Character is updated on the front page!
  • There's a new Daily Calendar!
  • Beast Trials will be taking a break for the spring due to the long string of events. Look forward to a new summer Beast Trial!
  • Commissions update: Herboreal is still struggling with health difficulties, so commission openings continue to be on hold. Thank you for your patience.


Patreon & server Boost rewards

There are a few Bepotelkh tiers on Herboreal's patreon which award you monthly goodies like premium currency! Help support the site & its creators by subscribing!
You can also boost the Discord server and earn 1CG per boost per month, as well as access to the Sponsor chat. The sponsor chat get sneak peeks and sponsor-exclusive raffles.



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Please list: [Name of Bep] [Bep#][Sono Race/Casa Climb]
Example: Senna, Bep-301, Sono Race

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Bonzai, Bep-884, signs up for sono races!

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Bonzai has been signed up for the Sono races!

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Astre, Bep-1692, Sono Races

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