Beast Trials Wrap-Up: New Features!

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Meridias and the return of Habapi Magics


Having learned how to heal corruption from the mages of Lunerest, the Aitielkh gathered around Meridias and purged her of the corruption as well as woke her from her magic-induced slumber. Thankfully, the dragon was powerful enough that the corruption was not permanent. Before even speaking, Meridias looked around and spotted the Habapi on the fringes of the corrupted area and her lithe form glided over in an instant. Tatera was quickly apprehended.


"I didn't do anything!" she gasped. Meridias brought her face down close and examined the little habapi, then rose her head up once more, squinting, and released her. Though she resembled someone Meridias once knew, and was wearing their bracelet, this was clearly not the same habapi.

"I see many years have passed since your descendants betrayed me, failed to heed my warnings, and tried to extract more power than they needed from the crystal."

Habapi and Elkh alike looked taken aback. After around 300 years, and with the habapi losing most of their magic and culture, the information was lost to time. Tatera, descended from the last leaders of the habapi, had some awareness and knew this reckoning was at hand, but she stayed, knowing it had to be faced. She stood up and dusted off, boldly facing Meridias but also trembling.

"On behalf of my ancestors, I am sorry. I hope that we can once again earn your goodwill and guidance by making things right once more."

The other nearby habapi looked around in confusion. What work were they expected to do, and how? They were not even aware of just how much of a shadow they were of their once powerful people.

"We'll talk later. Right now, we have to repair the crystal, and, My Children, you are clearly in no state to assist."

Being referred to as Meridias' children immediately choked Tatera with tears as the massive dragon turned and walked away. Things might be okay after all!

Meridias spoke with Vesper and the other aitielkh for some time before they all focused efforts on healing the crystal. The habapi watched from the surrounding jungle, murmuring amongst eachother, and then falling quiet as they started to feel something strange. Though this generation had never experienced having the level of magic their ancestors did, they knew: their magic was returning to them!

And then...

Once the crystal was repaired, the Habapi were fully healed. However, they had centuries of knowledge to recover, relationships to repair (with Meridias and now the Aitielkh), and moreover, they had no idea how to use their magic. It will take time and work for each Habapi to explore the ruins of their old home and uncover the story of their past and re-learn their capabilities. They can more easily spend time in bipedal form, and many more exciting possibilities are opening up for them now!

See Meridias' updated Figure page here.
(Complete with adornments given and placed upon her by habapi!)
See Tatera here.


  • Habapi Ruins prompts are now unlocked
  • habapi crystal traits are now unlocked
  • Habapi crafting is now unlocked
  • Habapi breeding is now unlocked
  • Habapi magic (???) is coming
  • Habapi who learn magic can participate in Beast Trials
  • Habapi constructs (???) are coming in the future
  • Habapi storylines can be found here
  • The corruption plaguing Silkkassa should now be sealed within the crystal


Habapi Breeding

You can now breed Habapi using a Habapi Breeding Ticket, available in the General Shop. The resulting design is insta-grown, so no need to worry about an in-between "fawn" stage for this species. Habapi Breeding will use similar mechanics to bep breeding (rolled in the discord by Nopal) but some things will be different. The player may pick two kept traits when submitting the breeding, however they cannot pick Habapi Crystal traits as one of their two traits. Habapi Crystal traits (see more below) can be inheritable by chance (RNG) unless either both parents have the trait or the player uses a "Blessed Bead" breeding item to automatically pass the trait down.


New Habapi Traits

Base traits

There are new nose and pupil traits available now! Find the visual trait index here.

Crystal Traits

Crystal traits are now available via crafting! Some recipes are automatically unlocked; others will need to be unlocked by doing prompts. All will require using crafting materials which will be obtainable via prompts immediately (as well as via the advent calendar this month), with other options available in the future. Crystal traits work a little differently than Aiti Rare traits and Restricted traits so be sure to read the specifics on the encyclopedia! More Habapi Crystal Trait recipes will be introduced in the future via prompts, events and beast trials.

(a habapi with metallic horns)


Habapi Crafting

Crafting will be added to the navigation soon; for now, you can find the page here.
With the crafting feature, players can now collect crafting materials and bring them together to make new items using recipes! We're excited for all the possibilities of this feature for the game as a whole, starting with crafting Habapi Crystal Traits!


Habapi ruins prompts

After healing Meridias and the corruption she faced, the habapi felt their magic powers coming back, but had no knowledge of how to use it! With the southen dragon's encouragement the habapi returned to their old home deep in the jungle to find secrets of their past culture. Meridias and Tatera explained to the habapi that the little stone runes they found scattered about the jungle and the habapi's old collapsed home were known as Crafting Runes, and that they can store and amplify the habapi's inert magical ability.

Along the ruins, many habapi found funny glass disks, a little smaller than the size of a habapi hand. The disks featured twisted dyed rope, though many were missing rope due to passing of time, and a large hole in the middle. Nearly naked to the eye, super fine etching can be seen along the surface of these disks.

Tatera explained that these were called called records by their ancestors, and that they hold information however she did not know how to retrieve the information off of them. With her giant claw Meridias showed the little habapi how the records work, that they could be placed in the air with magic, and how once placed, the record would project written information on a surface, such as a wall, rock or the ground. These records are strewn all over the ruins and the Habapi must return to gather and clean up the mess they left behind.

Watch out for updates while the Habapi's past unfolds and more prompts are added!


New Aiti Rare Traits

Two new aiti rare traits have been released! Metallic Fur, which gives the overall coat of the aiti a metallic sheen (obtained via Aiti rare potion) and Shaped Pupil, which allows the pupil to becomes any (world/lore appropriate) shape ex: moon, leaf, heart, etc. (Obtained via Small aiti rare potion)


A quick note on new features

Nopal and I have been a bit under the weather for a few months, so we're more behind than we would like on things. Some features involving Habapi may come sporadically, including later this month or at future dates. We appreciate your patience as we slowly flesh this species out!

Crafting is also brand-new, so it may need some things worked out, such as balancing crafting materials needed for recipes. You may see the number of materials needed fluctuate as we feel out what is most balanced for players.




  • A new monthly collectible plush is available in the Elkh Shop
  • The Featured Character is updated on the front page!
  • There's a new Daily Calendar!
  • Sono races start next month (March!)


Patreon & server Boost rewards

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You can also boost the Discord server and earn 1CG per boost per month, as well as access to the Sponsor chat. The sponsor chat get sneak peeks and sponsor-exclusive raffles.


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