Hollygiving 2023, All aboard to Kutoa!

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The snow is falling and the candles in homes are lit. There's magic and yule spirit in the air!

The Story of Hollygiving 

Bepotelkh may give out bundles of holly leaves and berries to other beps they think deserve them for doing a good deed or even just brightening their day some time in the last year. This is done in the name of the mysterious Spirit of Yule, an indescribable creature or force that embodies the magic of Yule and encourages reflection and new beginnings. It's said that the Spirit chooses some lucky beps each year on which to bestow some gifts, and that these gifts are presented by the equally mysterious Gifting Stag. The Gifting Stag is said to be a bepotelkh with flaming yellow eyes, growing in power in late December and appearing on the edge of forest clearings and the outskirts of villages. His antlers are draped in silver cone bells.

When a bep receives a bundle of holly, a human friend ties it to one of their antlers. To humans, bep antlers covered in holly are seen as a good luck charm. Beps who lose an antler (or both) while still wearing holly may choose to give one of those antlers to their caretaker or another important human in their life. These decorated antlers can be seen on doors and village gates. With wild and free beps, this tradition is similar, but instead of humans tying the holly on, they have to get the help of other wild creatures like shroomkin! In villages, holly bundles for giving are handed out to beps by their village ambassadors. In the wilds, beps must find holly bushes to snip bundles from with their teeth.


  • Choose one of your elkh to give holly to other characters. Your elkh can give holly bundles to any characters on the Bepotelkh, Shroomkin and Humans masterlists.
  • You may use up to 15 of your own elkh to give out holly (a max total of 45 bundles). Please do not use more than 15 elkh.
  • Each of your elkh may give out 3 holly bundles to 3 different characters (but please choose active users)!
    • You may, in ONE instance, have one of your beps give a holly bundle to another of your beps! (we decided this was too cute story-wise to be overlooked, but again, only once and with one bep!)
  • Comment on this news post with the name and masterlist number of your elkh, and then write out the names of the characters as well as the owner's name in the comment. (no need to link characters, just please remember to add the usernames!) Example:

You can write out story snippets along with your hollygiving or

Just simply list the names of the characters and their owner/s

NOTE: To help out the mods, please either give the holly to three different users, or all three to one user.

  • A moderator will send the holly currency to the recipients you chose.
  • Holly currency can then be spent at the Yule Shop, where you will find Gudvin has all kinds of gift boxes!
  • The gift boxes each enter you into a different raffle. See the below image to learn what you're entering for and buy the corresponding box.
  • Open the raffle ticket box to be entered into the raffle!
  • The last day to give holly is December 25th!
  • The hollygiving raffle will be rolled on December 27th and winners will be contacted on the same day.
  • If we get a high number of entries, we will increase the number of winners for each raffle!
  • You can enter all the raffles as many times as you want!

Hollygiving Raffle

Use your holly currency to buy raffle tickets at the Yule Shop! Each box contains 1 entry to its corresponding raffle.

 ✮Raffle Box 1: MYOS✮

Contains 1 raffle ticket to enter you for the chance to win your choice of ONE of the following:

  • Aiti MYO ticket +1 restricted trait of your choice +1 large rare trait + 1 small rare trait
  • Bep/Sono MYO ticket +1 restricted trait of your choice +1 rare trait +unlimited uncommon traits
  • Bep/Sono MYO ticket + 5 rare traits +unlimited uncommon traits

✮Raffle Box 2: Restricted Traits✮

Contains 1 raffle ticket to enter you for the chance to win your choice of ONE of the following:

  • uni antler
  • dragonhorn potion
  • stars of aiti potion
  • jacob's antlers
  • fallow antlers
  • overgrown mane potion
  • kirin scale
  • kelpie's curse

✮Raffle Box 3: Restricted Traits Small✮
Contains 1 raffle ticket to enter you for the chance to win your choice of ONE of the following:

  • feathered wings
  • cupie wings
  • bat wings
  • spade tail
  • dark sclera
  • shining halo
  • runic star
  • trailing stars

✮Raffle Box 4: Rare Trait Potions✮
Contains 1 raffle ticket to enter you for the chance to win your choice of 1 ONE of the following:

  • Rare trait potion
  • Large aiti rare potion
  • Large gilde potion

✮Raffle Box 5: Companions✮
Contains 1 raffle ticket to enter you for the chance to win your choice of ONE of the following companions:

  • chickalee
  • goldlet
  • queenfisher
  • gracklet
  • snowy owl
  • red squirrel
  • mountain fox
  • mountain jay
  • jackalope


✮Raffle Box 6: Nopal Custom✮
Contains 1 raffle ticket to enter you for the chance to win your choice of ONE of the following:

  • Aiti custom with +1 large rare trait + 1 small rare trait
  • Bep/Sono custom + 3 rare traits + unlimited uncommon traits
  • Habapi custom with bipedal form + 2 rare traits + unlimited uncommon traits


Hollygiving Prompt

For the month of December, you can also enter the limited Hollygiving Prompt to earn gildes! Draw or write about your bep giving out holly bundles, or maybe even dressing up as the gifting stag!



Next Destination: Kutoa!

Beautiful new location art by LordStarryFace which has been added to Kutoa's Location Page

The Avian Express is still going strong despite the winter weather! Have your elkh explore the quaint and cozy town of Kutoa. Beloved laid back town filled with sheep, shepards and textile workers! Earn a Kutoa stamp for your elkh's stamp book, a wolfhound companion and a wolfhound plushie by completing this prompt. As a reminder these prompts are here to stay, but it's best to do them as they're released if you'd like to keep up and get more rewards! All Exploration Prompts earn gildes for the first month they are introduced; after that, you can earn the items by doing the prompt anytime, but no base gildes will be awarded (but you can still earn bonus gildes).

Kutoa's wolfhounds have long fur that their caretakers braid for an extra level of protection from predator's teeth and claws.



Winter Shop Update


New winter accessories are available in the Bepotelkh Shop!
Includes a stylish warm shawl and matching mane clips for Silkassan elkh and a matching collar for Miatian elkh! As a reminder, you can adjust the colors of any official accessories to best match your character.

Plushies, plushies and more plushies! You can pick up boarlet, fuzzy familiar (white or black) shroomkin or heldig plushies at the Bepotelkh Shop in December only!
The Heldig plush is the first of what are to be once-monthly collectible NPC plush, so be sure to grab this one while it's available!
Plushies can be added to individual character's inventories for maximum cuteness. They also can be included in prompts for accessory gilde bonus!

All of the above items can be found by going to WORLD > GILDE SHOPS >BEPOTELKH SHOP


2023 Yule advent

Return of the yule advent featuring classic and new guest designers!

Dec 12th Yule Witch by Herboreal
Dec 13th Forest Gnome by Nopalrabbit
Dec 14th Jingle All the Way & Dashing Through the Snow by Lord-Starryface
Dec 15th Holiday Comforts & Slay Ride by Erose
Dec 16th Lights in the Snow by Rainspeak
Dec 17th White Elephant by Thy
Dec 18th Spooky Yule by Gabrielsknife
Dec 19th Yule Tide by Nopal
Dec 20th Yule Bells by Herboreal
Dec 21st  Holiday Treats by TheWyvernAndTheFox
Dec 22nd Yule Spice & Jingle Helper by Key
Dec 23rd Yule in Pirillo by Nopalrabbit
Dec 24th Yule Log by Herboreal



December raffle

This mischievous turkeytail shroomkin is up for grabs if you enter this month's FREE TO ENTER raffle! Pick up your free ticket in the Yule Shop

See World > Gilde Shops > Yule Shop.


  • There's a new Featured Character on the front page!
  • A new advent calendar is up!
  • Don't forget about our Yule Letter Exchange and Yule Art Exchange! Letters must be shipped by Dec 11th and Art Exchange presents should be added to the Yule Exchange sub-gallery between DECEMBER 21st until DECEMBER 31st. We will post reminders in the discord!
  • A very exciting new Month of the Aiti and a new Beast Trial begin in January, so get ready by honing your aitielkh's magic skills!
  • Sock markings have been updated to be used at any height on the leg, see the enclyopedia entries for more information.

Patreon & server Boost rewards

As a reminder, there are a few Bepotelkh tiers on Herboreal's patreon which award you monthly goodies! Help support the site & its creators by subscribing!
You can also boost the Discord server and earn 1CG per boost per month, as well as access to the Sponsor chat. The sponsor chat get sneak peeks and sponsor-exclusive raffles.



thy Avatar
thy Staff Member

Kartta (Bep-941) gives holly to Bep-347 (BlossomBeast), Kaneli (firevulpix1), and Kao'atta (Elk)
Iorje (Bep-418) gives holly to Verity (Wyska), Boumboum (toothwalker), and Riesling (RoseMarmalade)
Ylakuu (Bep-322) gives holly to Jaakobah (golden-boy), Ananassa (silverbreeze424), and Enid (Nopalrabbit)
Bep-1561 gives holly to Otto (Pige0n), Luck (ReddRoomba), and Baihai (goomy-king)
Petre (Bep-888) gives holly to Bep-1507 (faustbyte), Bregne (mothling), and Lanse (Kishinyu)

2023-12-26 01:41:57 (Edited 2023-12-26 01:46:21)

thy Avatar
thy Staff Member

Bundles delivered!

2023-12-26 01:50:20

thy Avatar
thy Staff Member

Sorsa (Bep-320) gives holly to Saga (Tav), Tauura (HeronDreams), and Zenith (Desphiria)
Bep-1029 gives holly to Hangxie (ValianWolf), Louis (gabrielsknife), and Kingsley (Pandelirious)
Kattila (Bep-1350) gives holly to Hex (Witchsy), Setareh (Cometstruck), and Tiefran (Ambunny)
Esca (Bep-925) gives holly to Indira (SheiaLyn), Dinah (Rainspeak), and Noki (Key)
Tekoe (Bep-593) gives holly to Bisera (TechnoSchnauzer), Jade (MoonlightLillies), and Bam (LordStarryFace)

2023-12-26 01:41:46

thy Avatar
thy Staff Member

Bundles delivered!

2023-12-26 01:50:12

RemRain Avatar

(1/15)- Bep 1622: Ryker gives out holly bundles to Pomelo (Rainspeak), Miko (Tav), Neve (SheiaLyn)

(2/15)- Bep-1560: Nutmeg gives out holly bundles to Cimma (ValianWolf), Cocoa (Cometstruck), Taisto (Nopalrabbit)

(3/15)- Bep-1527: The Wizard gives out holly bundles to Chestnut (Key), Paivan (HeronDreams), Ela (Tasteof Purple)

(4/15)- Bep-1542: Rayne gives out holly bundles to Astrelli (ValianWolf), Espectra (Lunaslimbo), Gaia (MountainMadam)

(5/15)- Bep-1175: Naoshu gives out holly bundles to Tolessa (HeronDreams), Tianxing (ValianWolf), Soma (TheWyvernandFox)

(6/15)- Bep-1503: Yayi gives out holly bundles to Elliyu (chombies), Bastian (Witchsy), Saindhav (golden-boy)

(7/15)- Bep-1407: S'more gives out holly bundles to Eirwen (ValianWolf), Clove (Tav), Kiiv (gabrielsknife)

2023-12-25 17:08:04 (Edited 2023-12-25 17:08:59)

thy Avatar
thy Staff Member

Bundles delivered!

2023-12-26 01:45:58

Nopalrabbit Avatar
Nopalrabbit Staff Member

(3/15) Bep-546 KANI: gave bundles to the triplets Tekoe (Thy), Lanse (Kishinyu) and Bregne (Mothling), always keeping an eye on them making sure they don't into too much trouble.

(4/15) Bep-145: Vaahtera: Quietly gives out bundles to Erasmus (golden-boy), Bisera (TechnoSchnauzer) and Elvi (Thunderwolf2113)

(5/15) Bep-1233 : Zia: Gives out bundles to Rexanne(ReddRoomba), Evie Avaricci (mouseinsweater) and Bep-1530 (Bugjuice)

(6/15) Bep-370: Koi : Gives out bundles to Bep-347(blossombeast), Esme(moonlightlillies) and Little Spice (LovellaTorendo)

(7/15) Bep-383: Pluto: Gives out bundles to Bayou (Viscella), Ekollon (Pige0n) and Bep-1623 (Euryba)

(8/15) Bep-767: Pannu: Gives out bundles to Tiefran (Ambunny), Domino (mountainmadam) and Rue (lunaslimbo)

(9/15) Bep-346: Ohto: Gives out bundles to Sable (chombies), Wynter (tav) and Babette (Pandelirious)

(10/15) Bep-1186: Meriwether: gives out bundles to Bam (lordstarryface), Glade (DingoEtc) and Sasha(Gabrielsknife)

(11/15) Bep-302: Mabel Gives out bundles to Vervain(CryptidPossum), Zenith (Desphiria), Basalt (Despoina)

(12/15) Bep-689: Susi: gives out bundles to Balgruuf (Elunciel), Kao'atta (Elk), Tolui (Finpaw)

(13/15) Bep-837: Branwyn Gives out bundles to Baihai(goomy-king), Mabel(Denimlich) and Bjarni(Wyska)

(14/15) Bep-575: Enid: gives out undles to Kyojuro (Erose), Sterling (pandelirous) and Nix (rainspeak)

(15/15) Bep-142: Nea: gives out bundles to Astra(cometstruck), Narancia(Remrain) and Lavenlach(Valianwolf)

2023-12-25 15:33:34

Herboreal Avatar
Herboreal Staff Member

bundles delivered

2023-12-25 16:10:24

Pige0n Avatar

Ekollon (BEP-1315) would like to gift his holly to:
BEP-1623 (Euryba)
BEP-1620 (LovellaTorendo)
BEP-1609 (Key)

Otto (570) wants his bundles to go to:
BEP-1477 (SheiaLyn)
BEP-1425 (skylimits)
BEP-1418 (witchsy)

2023-12-25 11:53:07

Herboreal Avatar
Herboreal Staff Member

bundles delivered!

2023-12-25 15:57:23

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