Autumnfound Arrives!

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Autumnfound 2022

The nights become crisp, the days shorter, and the leaves begin to change. Autumnfound is here and it's time to celebrate!



We've brought back Acorn currency for this year's autumnfound! This currency is valued 1:1 with gildes, and can be exchanged for gildes anytime, but it's primary use is in the special Autumnfound Shop, which is now open in the Events Shop!


AUtumnfound Scavenger Hunt

Our Autumnfound scavenger hunt is back and elkh from all over are handing out the items! Can you find all 10?
Start with this clue to begin your hunt: This red bep lives in Kutoa and has a quiver of arrows.
The items are hiding in the elkh's profiles, inquire in the discord server if you need help and a mod will DM you!
Remember to open your scavenger hunt items once you find them!

Here is the scavenger hunt page to keep track of your progress.


Autumnfound Prompts will be available all season (September through November), but keep in mind that other events will start in October and November, so September may be the best time to focus on them!
Many are geared toward domestic Elkh, but Autumn Feast and Fall Colors can be entered with wild elkh (including aitielkh). Aitielkh can also participate in the costume contest (on their own terms- not in the village)! Prompts will be awarded acorns.

See WORLD > PROMPTS >Limited Prompts to find the Autumnfound prompts.


The Autumnfound shop



The Autumnfound Shop is now open in the Events Shop! Find retired autumn accessories, exciting gacha boxes, companions new and old, and other items for a lower cost during the event! These items are only available via earning acorn currency by participating in various Autumnfound events. Throughout the entire event, you'll be able to convert acorns to gildes at any time by sending in a claim and attach the amount of acorns you would like converted. You will be able to exchange buy acorns with gildes (using the shop) during the last week of the event (Nov 23-30). The Autumnfound Shop will close Dec 1st.

See WORLD >GILDE SHOPS >Events Shop to find the Autumnfound Shop.


New Traits and a new gacha box!

We're bringing back gacha boxes in the Autumnfound shop, and there's a brand new one this year with new items inside! You'll find potions that can give your elkh some lovely plant-themed markings (standard color rules apply). These will also be available in the Crystal Gilde shop!

Flower, Jungle leaves, Tree Leaves, and Forest Floor markings. Find details in the Encyclopedia!


There are also some new Aiti Rare Traits just in time for fall!

Mushroom growth and Mushroom Walking are now available to use with an Aiti Rare Potion (details in the encyclopedia!)

mimic trait

We've decided to introduce the Mimic Trait for those who enjoy creating beps that look like other creatures, but found the current traits & trait combinations too limited. This trait will allow any real-world mammal or bird marking to be applied to an elkh. This trait is restricted, meaning it is non-breedable; it's also currenly only available via custom commissions, but may be available for use on MYO designs in the future once we work out any kinks in the system :>
The price for the mimic trait is now listed in the custom guide; it is also available in the CG shop and thus can be bought with CG and applied to customs that way!



Check out the Elkh Shop for the newest seasonal bep accessories, available September through November! As always, there are also a set of retired accessories available. And, as a reminder, accessories can change color as you like to compliment your elkh's look! The colorways provided in the shop are simply options :>

To find the Elkh Shop, go to WORLD > GILDE SHOPS > Elkh Shop


Odds & Ends + What's ahead

  • The featured character is updated for August (see main page)! Earn 8 gildes for drawing them and submitting as a prompt.
  • October will bring a new Beast Trial for aitielkh!
  • November will see the return of another cherished Autumnfound event. Can you guess what it is?


Sono Free Raffle Design

This month's raffle design is by our dear MountainMadam aka Woolsey!

As always, you can enter for this raffle by making a gift for another user and submitting it under the Raffle prompt!

See WORLD > Prompts >Limited Prompts to find the Prompt Raffle- please check the submission guide if you need help learning how to submit prompts- or ask in our discord chat!




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