Beast Trials Wrap-Up + News

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Villoso: Healed and Revealed!



The aitielkh did an outstanding job subduing and healing Lord Villoso. Now restored to his old self, his scores of boarlets flock in from the forest and join his side once again. Unfortunately, he seems to have no idea what happened to cause the malady that befell him. He is, however, very grateful for the assistance; he blessedly seems not to remember all the chasing, stick-smacking, fire magic, etc!

You can find him henceforth at World Map >Figures!


Post-Trial Event Shop!

As per user request, we have implemented a currency connected to beast trials, called Beast Tokens.
In the future, these will come in each Beast Box (in addition to the gacha items). The number of coins corresponds to the level of box: Lv 1= 1 beast token. Lv 2= 2 beast tokens. Etc. So, for example, if you did the trials the max of 5 times, and used lv3 magic on each, you could get a max total of 15 tokens per event. Doing 4 trails with level 1 magic would award you 4 tokens.
If users get the additional lv2 box for draining the event meter, that would award you an additional 2 tokens.
These are redeemable at the event shop, which is now open. It will remain open for all of May, and this is how it will be fore future events as well; The next Beast Trial will be in July; the seasonal shop for that trial will be open for all of August.
The items available in the shop include the event's familiar and the event's Big Prize, so in this case, the boarlet and overgrown mane potion.
Tokens are tradable with other users (however, like other game items and currency, they cannot be sold for USD).
Up to 2 tokens (per event) can be purchased in the seasonal shop using gildes if you are short.
You may hold onto your tokens for future events.

Your tokens (and the extra Lv2 Beast box for meeting the goal) should already be awarded to you if you participated in April's Beast Trials. If you feel you are missing some, please send in a Claim explaning the discrepancy and linking any relevant prompts. We appreciate your patience as we get all of this sorted out- and in the future this will run much more smoothly :> We hope you enjoy this added feature as a way of potentially being able to get items you missed out on!

There are also some very rare items available which you can use your Magic Points on, but you'll need to save them up throughout several trials!

The event shop can be found under World > Gilde Shops > Event Shop.


Odds & Ends

  • The featured character is updated for May (see main page)!
  • There is a new Raffle to enter!
  • Note that this is the last month to buy spring accessories in the Elkh Shop!

The Chestnut Boar raffle will be rolled today and there is a new raffle to enter:


Winter Frost Bepotelkh
Enter to win by making gift art! Full instructions are in World > Prompts > Limited Prompts. See entries by going to Browse >Raffles.


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