Icon & Emoji Contest + Storyline Bonus Month!

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Storyline focus Event

Art by MouseinSweater

Storyline Focus Event is back! During these months, you may earn bonus currency for completing Storyline prompts without worrying about missing out on any special events. We hope to have these temporary bonuses occasionally during months where other events aren't scheduled. Storyline prompts include: Village Stories, Wild Pact, Oasis Dreams, The Desert Trail, Followers of Aiti, Trail of Mushroms, and Jungle Delights.

When you submit your prompt, the bonus reward you get (in addition to standard currency) will be randomly generated.

50% chance: 3 Gildes
25% chance: 5 Gildes
20% chance: 7 Gildes
5% chance: 1 Crystal Gilde

Reminder: Recieve a 10CG award for completing any Storylines Path! This reward is available all year.



Icon & Emoji Contest

The current server icon

We'd like to freshen up our server icon on discord, as well as add some new emoji! We welcome you to submit your entries to the Event Art >Icon & Emoji Contest gallery. You can use Kord or other NPCs in your entries!

The current server emoji

Rules & Specifications:

  • 128x128px is the size for discord emoji
  • 512x512px is the size for a discord icon
  • You may enter up to 3 server icon entries
  • You may enter up to 7 server emoji entries
  • Icon and emoji entries must be your own art but can be based on popular/standard emoji
  • Submissions must be posted to the gallery before May 1st
  • Submit to Event Art >Icon & Emoji Contest gallery and THEN:
  • Submit links to your entries as a prompt (Icon & Emoji Contest prompt in Limited Prompts)
  • Entries receive 4 gildes per emoji and 6 gildes per icon each (in addition to the 1g gallery bonus)

Discord Icon Winner: 100 gildes, 20 CG, All Purpose Restricted Trait Potion

Discord Emoji Winner - Herboreal's Favorite: 50 gildes, 10 CG, Stars of Aiti Potion
Discord Emoji Winner - Nopalrabbit's Favorite: 50 gildes, 10 CG, Debris Bunny Companion


See GALLERY > EVENT ART > Icon & Emoji Contest gallery
See WORLD > PROMPTS > Limited Prompts

Habapi Happenings

Thanks to the groups hard work, the Habapi ruins have been explored and some new features will be unlocked soon! Unfortunately, due to the emergency situation that arose for Timbre & Nopal last month, there will be a delay in releasing these features until we can get some art done for them. Thank you always for your patience!

This month's collectible plush toy is Tuuli!




  • The Featured Character is updated on the front page!
  • There's a new Daily Calendar!
  • Guest Artist design sale going up April 26! There will be a preview on discord the day before.
  • Beast Trials will be taking a break for the spring due to the long string of events. Look forward to a new summer Beast Trial!


Patreon & server Boost rewards

There are a few Bepotelkh tiers on Herboreal's patreon which award you monthly goodies like premium currency! Help support the site & its creators by subscribing!
You can also boost the Discord server and earn 1CG per boost per month, as well as access to the Sponsor chat. The sponsor chat get sneak peeks and sponsor-exclusive raffles.


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