Aiti Beast Trials Begin! + Raffle!

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Aiti beast trials are here!

This new type of event requires your aitielkh to use their magic to subdue corrupted creatures. As the creature is subdued, aitielkh are awarded Magic Points, which will affect the outcome of the battle. You can track how far the group has come via the Events Tracking page.
You can see the events page by going to World > World Map > Events! Here's a direct link.

Full instructions can be found on the prompts page, by going to World > Prompts > Limited Prompts > Aiti Beast Trial 1.

Beast Boxes

The reward for participating in this battle is a beast box! The level of box you recieve for a prompt correlates directly to the level of magic your aitielkh used in said prompt. Beast boxes are gacha boxes with a chance of winning any one of the items inside of them. Chances are listed below.

Aiti rare trait potion (small) - 20% chance
Gildes (15) - 20% chance
Tender Shoot bundle- 20% chance
Glowing Apparition- 20% chance
Boarlet companion- 13% chance
Overgrown mane potion- 6% chance

Glowing Apparition- 30% chance
Tender shoot bundle- 30% chance
Boarlet companion- 30% chance
Overgrown mane potion- 10% chance

Aiti rare trait potion- 25% chance
Boarlet companion- 50% chance
Overgrown mane potion- 25% chance

Overgrown Mane

The featured prize in this round of Beast Trials is the coveted overgrown mane potion! See examples of this restricted trait on the masterlist. This potion can be applied to aitielkh/sonoaitielkh OR bepotelkh/sonoelkh.


Key has provided us an adorable and very relevantly-themed bep to raffle off! Enter to win by making gift art! Full instructions are in World > Prompts > Limited Prompts. See entries by going to Browse >Raffles.


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