BT Wrap-up! New Magic! Autumnfound Continues!

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Aitielkh willing to brave the dark and damp gathered in Glimworm Gulch to subdue Ulpukka. Returned to her former self, she vanished once again into the depths of the bog. Not all walked away unscathed, though; some elkh left the scene forever cursed. Whether they see this as a boon or an embarrassment is up to the individual, but regardless, these special elkh can now breathe underwater! It seems that ambassador Juhla was one such elkh. Though he seems a bit sheepish about it, it seems like he may enjoy his new abilities as he jumps from the docks of Glimworm Gulch, living life to the fullest as always.


You can see Juhla's kelpie-cursed form on his masterlist entry by clicking "IMAGES".

Everyone who participated will receive a Lv2 beast box as the group made the goal! Great work, everyone!

see BROWSE >NPCS >NPC-029: Juhla >Images



New magic is creeping in...


Introducing Shadow Step and Earth Sense!

New magic abilities have been discovered by aititelkh deep in their magic training. Will your aitielkh learn Shadow Step becoming master of shadows, turning into a shadow at will and unlocking a mysterious teleportation skill? Or will your aitielkh learn Earthsense and be able to use magic to communicate differently with the world around them, even seeing into into the past?

These new magics are ready to be learned through new Aitielkh Magic Trials! Read more in-depth about the new magic abilities over at the encyclopedia.



Autumnfound Prompts are still open for submissions! There are options for domestic elkh, wild elkh, aitielkh and shroomkin! We have also brought back the special Samhain Night shroomkin prompt! All prompts will be awarded acorns which can be turned in for gildes (1:1) at any time!

See WORLD > PROMPTS >Limited Prompts to find the Autumnfound prompts.



  • The Featured Character is updated on the front page!
  • There's a new Daily Calendar!
  • We have updated the rule about breeding with mysterious carvings. When you roll fawns with a mysterious carving the combination trait you choose will now only count as one of your kept traits, instead of both. When you use the carving please still mention which traits you want to combine in the comment of the breeding claim. You may also use two mysterious carvings now (or more if you include resin incense on the claim). The design guide has been updated to reflect the rule change.
  • Autumnfound continues this month! You can still do the Scavenger Hunt (see previous news post) and Autumnfound prompts to earn acorns to spend in the Autumnfound Shop! The shop closes Dec 1st, so get your purchases in now! Remember you can turn in your acorns for gildes 1:1 anytime by sending in a claim with the amount of acorns you wish to trade in.



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You can also boost the Discord server and earn 1CG per boost per month, as well as access to the Sponsor chat. The sponsor chat get sneak peeks and sponsor-exclusive raffles.


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