Beast Trials Fall 23: Ulpukka!

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ULPUKKA'S Corruption

[artwork by Erose]

Ambassador Juhla's ear twitches as he picks out a sound in the distance. He's standing on a boardwalk in Glimworm Gulch after sunset, the cool air carrying the scent of autumn decay. The evening noises that surround him are jovial voices in conversation, some laughing, glasses of libations being set on tables, silverware on plates. But he hears something odd out in the bog, and begins slowly trotting away from the village to investigate.

The sounds of his home fade into the distance as he approaches the strange sound's origin. Orbs of swamp gas, emitted by the mouths of Lantern Salamanders, hang in the air, lighting the way. The water is rippling in an unusual way for the typically still bog, until suddenly, a massive elkh-like creature bursts forth from a ring of lilypads, shrieking in a ghastly bugle.


Many of the creatures who've become corrupted in recent years have been followers of Aiti who are generally well-meaning and simply need some help. Ulpukka is more of an ambivalent creature; neither "good" nor "bad".  There's a local legend in Glimworm Gulch that a bep once drowned in the bog, having walked too far out into the bog on a cold night and becoming entangled in pondweeds. That bep returned as what is now known as a kelpie, with glassy, empty eyes, waterweeds tangled in her mane, overgrown hooves, and a ghostly bugle. It's said that Ulpukka is responsible for the creation of Lantern Salamanders; creatures who silently release orbs of swamp gas that light the night, keeping other elkh from wandering too far across the bog mats at night.

She's usually a frightening but harmless presence in the bogs, and very rarely encountered, but the mysterious corruption that continues to plague Silkkassa has reached Ulpukka's domain.

Juhla moves to run for help, but is quickly trapped in the thrall of the bugling creature and slowly begins walking toward the bog. His human friends, noticing he's been gone for some time now, begin to grow increasingly concerned as other elkh begin wandering slowly toward the bog, seemingly in a trance. Now wise to the more magical happenings in Silkkassa, humans of Glimworm Gulch set out to find an aitielkh to consult about this new disturbance, and before long, aitielkh from all over are gathering once again to quell and heal another creature. Join in this Beast Trial with your aitielkh to earn Beast Boxes with special prizes! As always, if the group collectively meets the goal, every participant will receive an extra Lv2 Beast Box at the end of the event and Ulpukkas uncorrupted artwork will be added to the figures page!




Kelpie's Curse

Elkh who encounter Ulpukka may be subject to Kelpie's Curse: a trait which "curses" the elkh to live with a kelpie form which allows them to breathe and swim underwater. In its most extreme appearance, the form includes milky eyes that are missing an iris, glowing pupils, upper tusks, waterweeds in the mane and/or tail, and a greenish appearance overall (we use a 40% color layer with a subdued green).
This form has several options:
-A permanent kelpie appearance (strong curse)
-A semi-permanent kelpie apperance which only occurs when the bep touches water (weaker curse)
-A mixed kelpie appearance where the bep's base form includes an upper tusk (if not already present) and semi-milky eyes (weaker curse). They may still look further kelpie-like when they touch water.
You're free to apply this trait to any bep and decide which option fits your character. Some kelpie-cursed beps (or.. "belpies") may appear typical until they touch water, leading them to try to hide their condition. Others may embrace their new abilities!

You may submit an additional masterlist image of your elkh's kelpie form as an image update if you wish but it is not required when applying the kelpie's curse potion. This potion can be applied to any type of elkh or aitielkh; aitielkh have more control over the curse than regular elkh. In-canon this gives your elkh the ability to breathe and swim underwater.


The reward for participating in this event is a beast box! The level of box you recieve for a prompt correlates directly to the magic your aitielkh used in said prompt. Ritual boxes are gacha boxes with a chance of winning any one of the items inside of them. Chances are listed below.

Beast boxes include beast tokens as well! The amount you get corresponds to the level of beast box (lv 1 gets 1 token and so forth). The beast token shop will open October 1st and remains open through October 31st; you will be able to use your tokens to purchase the prizes unique to this event.

Aiti rare trait potion (small) - 20% chance
Tender Shoot Bundle- 20% chance
Seaweed Wreath- 20% chance
Spectral Growth- 20% chance
Lantern Salamander- 13% chance
Kelpie's Curse- 6% chance


Tender Shoots- 30% chance
Spectral Growth- 30% chance
Lantern Salamander- 30% chance
Kelpie's Curse- 10% chance


Lantern Salamander- 50% chance
Spectral Growth- 25% chance
Kelpie's Curse- 25% chance




Recruitment Event

For October only, we're holding a recruitment event!
Bring a friend to the group! Once they're signed up on the site, send in a claim letting us know which user you referred, and you'll each recieve a Mosstopped Recruitment Box containing all of the following:
1 Fawn Roll Ticket
1 Rare Trait
20 Gildes
Exclusive Debris Bunny companion

Submit >CLAIM

The debris bunny is a wild creature from Rainsong Forest. Its greenish coloration helps it blend in with ground mosses. It picks up sticks and other debris as it shuffles along, adding to its camouflage. In dangerous situations, it plants its face into the moss and appears as an unappetizing pile of debris.



Autumnfound Shop Additions

New this year, you can now find Tufted Squirrel companions for sale in the Autumnfound Shop!
They come in white, gray, or blue.




  • The Featured Character is updated on the front page!
  • There's a new Daily Calendar!
  • Autumnfound continues this month and on into November! You can still do the Scavenger Hunt (see previous news post) and Autumnfound prompts to earn acorns to spend in the Autumnfound Shop!



Patreon & server Boost rewards

As a reminder, there are a few Bepotelkh tiers on Herboreal's patreon which award you monthly goodies! Help support the site & its creators by subscribing!
You can also boost the Discord server and earn 1CG per boost per month, as well as access to the Sponsor chat. The sponsor chat get sneak peeks and sponsor-exclusive raffles.


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