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Post Worlds-Collide: A changed world

With the portal sealed, lost young ones found, and corrupted friends healed, what's left is a world of beings who have been shaken by the strange happenings that connected Silkkassa and Lunerest. In the scramble to work together to save one another, species that would normally keep to themselves have made themselves known. Humans are aware of aitielkh and shroomkin now, and are thus far treating them with respect and caution. Of course, a few humans have long known that aitielkh are real- the magickers who live on the edges of society allied themselves with the magical bepotelkh counterparts long ago.

Shroomkin and Aitielkh continue to be wary of humans and their villages, but opportunities for friendships have opened up. Aitielkh on principle do not do jobs for humans and thus do not canonically earn gildes or get work permits, nor do they reside within villages. They may pick up accessories as gifts now, but they would not deign have their manes trimmed or braided by human hands. They continue to follow Aiti's path in the wilds, but with newfound possibilities of connections with humans. Shroomkin may feel less inclined to turn up their nose once they know and trust a human. They may appear in villages occasionally, but are unlikely to reside permanently as they will always be called back to the forest and their deep ties to the forest floor and mushrooms.

Habapi are more likely to enter and hang out in villages now, and may freely barter with humans. It's unlikely humans will be entering the jungle in any large numbers, especially due to the difficulty of the journey there, but it's possible. Habapi are unlikely to allow humans to reside in the jungle, and may continue employing tactics to scare them away.

As for Lunerest, some traces remain. Star Moles are here to stay, as are the traits and enchantments found during the chaos. And of course, ambassador Matka will continue to visit Silkkassa and consult with their buddy Noë, who is now healed, if not a bit anxious about what transpired. It seems that, even with the corruption beasts banished, the forces of corruption are still at play in this world as they were before the portal opened, so there may be more mysteries yet to unravel.



The event shop with Worlds Collide related items will be closing August 6th. Anyone with remaining Lunar gildes will be issued regular gildes as the currency vanishes with the closing of the portal to Lunerest!


Storyline focus event


In response to feedback, we've decided to introduce months that focus on Storyline prompts! During these months, you may earn bonus currency for completing Storyline prompts without worrying about missing out on any special events. We hope to have these temporary bonuses occasionally during months where other events aren't scheduled. Storyline prompts include: Village Stories, Wild Pact, Oasis Dreams, The Desert Trail, Followers of Aiti, Trail of Mushroms, and Jungle Delights.

When you submit your prompt, the bonus reward you get (in addition to standard currency) will be randomly generated.

50% chance: 3 Gildes
25% chance: 5 Gildes
20% chance: 7 Gildes
5% chance: 1 Crystal Gilde

Reminder: Recieve a 10CG award for completing any Storylines Path! This reward is available all year.




Habapi Storylines!


Habapi storylines are here! Explore your Habapi's character and surroundings by doing prompts and earning delicious food awards! Completing all 8 storylines will earn your character a Hapinto Box; an adorable little luchbox made from a leaf, filled to the brim with a Habapi's favorite jungle goodies- in addition to the 10CG completion award. The award cabinet can be found on your characters profile, and the Box item will be placed in their inventory. As with other storyline prompts, remember to attach your character to the prompt submission so we can issue awards directly to them!

See Blossom's award case & inventory for examples.

There's more in store for Habapi in the future! Thanks for your patience while we continue to expand their world and capabilities. We think it will be worth the wait!




New Habapi Traits

Habapi have some new base traits, and can now use the combination trait carving. See the Habapi visual trait index here.


Shroomkin Storylines


Shroomkin prompts have been expanded to become storylines, including their own factions. Characters now earn the 10CG bonus for completing storylines along with the badge trinkets that are collected in their award cabinet. These storylines apply to both Silkkassan and Miatian shroomkin.

The other existing shroomkin prompts are still in the general shroomkin prompt category.

Completion of all storyline prompts by a character awards them the Trail of Mushrooms badge sash!


Odds & Ends

  • A new featured character is on the front page!
  • There will be a Habapi staff design sale on August 4th.
  • This is the last month to purchase Summer accessories from the Elkh Shop! Autumnfound begins next month.
  • There's a new Advent Calendar.
  • Per request, a new All-Purpose Restricted Trait Potion item has been introduced, which is available only in the USD shop and can be used to add any restricted trait to a MYO design, regardless of what's available in the CG shop during its seasonal rotation.
  • Timbre/Herboreal remains on break due to ongoing health issues, but will be a bit more present in the discord again. Any commission openings will be announced in the chat; she is otherwise closed for new work.
  • New Patreon tiers are available for site-only rewards, and there are now two different tiers to choose from. If you join a Patreon tier and do not recieve your rewards within 24 hours, please DM herboreal on discord, as it's possible we didn't recognize your name/handle. You are welcome to DM her right away when you join if you'd like your rewards more quickly! Otherwise, rewards are typically delivered on the 1st of each month, though we try to wait until pledges are processed first. Discord boosts continue to get 1CG per boost per month. Both patreon and discord supporters get access to the Sponsor chat which includes game previews, input, and occasional sale previews, and NEW monthly sponsor chat raffles!



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