Worlds Collide: Lets Celebrate!

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light over the horizon

After a long month of darkness, your elkh looks up to see the three moons have vanished, leaving only one, and the light of dawn is rolling in over the horizon. The world is still for a moment while everyone recovers from the onslaught of corruption beasts, but as the sun rises feelings of relief and hope swell in your elkh's heart.


The corruption beasts are gone! It's time to heal and celebrate!



Event prompt

Our Worlds Collide event with LUNEREST continues for the month of July! For this prompt you may depict your characters being healed or helping heal the injured aiti after the attacks! You may also submit prompts showing your characters celebrating their victories and new friends!

As a reminder: The event prompt can be entered by any elkh; not just aitielkh, but please read carefully so you understand the event rules and rewards, as this event is replacing beast trials. You may even include other creatures like lunerestians, shroomkin, habapi, and humans this time around!

See WORLD >PROMPTS >Limited Prompts

Event traits & Prizes

The Event Shop is still Open! Read about the prizes here or at the shop!

All of the event traits and prizes will be available to purchase through the month of July! We will keep the Event shop open only for a brief time after the event so please use your Lunar Gildes promptly! We will be discontinuing the event currency after the event is over. If at any time you would like to exchange your Lunar Gildes into regular gildes, you may send in a claim and your leftover lunar gildes will be converted for you.


Event Advent Calendar

Advent calendar returns this month with gilde or lunar gilde rewards daily. Check in every day this month to get a random Star Mole companion bonus prize at the end!




worlds collide Lost baby Raffle

Oh no, fawns and xynlets have been lost in last month's scuffle! Enter the respective raffles here and over at Lunerest for a chance to win a character featuring one of the event traits.
These raffles are our standard "gift art to enter". You may enter a max of 5 times per raffle and will receive +3 lunar gildes in addition to your raffle ticket.

There will be a prompt for each fawn, please make sure you select the prompt for the fawn you want to enter for! When your prompt is approved your ticket will automatically appear in the fawn raffle you selected.

NOTE: Each winner can only win once! So if the first raffle is rolled and person A wins, person A will not be rolled for any of the other raffles. If person B then wins the second raffle, they will not be rolled in the remaining raffles, etc. So please choose carefully! <3

You can check your entries anytime by going to ACTIVITY >Raffles



See WORLD >PROMPTS >Limited prompts

See ACTIVITY >Raffles


art fight 2023

Members participating in Art Fight can turn in their Bepotelkh themed attacks for standard gift art gildes! We have put up a Art Fight 2023 turn-in prompt for your convenience, though you are also welcome to submit multiple attacks via sending in a claim as well! Please make sure gift art follows our guidelines which you can read over at the currency guide HERE! Specifics on requirements and bonuses are listed in the Gift Art section of the Currency Guide

NOTE: You may use your Art Fight attacks for the Lost Baby Raffle instead as long as they follow the raffle guidelines. However you may not enter the same art for both the raffle and the art fight gildes. No double-dipping please!

See WORLD >PROMPTS >Limited Prompts

or  Submit> Submit claim


  • The Featured Character is updated on the front page!
  • Make sure to visit Lunerest for additional fun and events!
  • Timbre is still on break. Commissions are closed; please do not ask for comms or trades. You can ask to be added to the pinglist anytime! Please only message Nopal or request a mod in the discord chat if you have any group questions!

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