The Worlds Collide event continues!

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The corruption beast's scourge

As the battle continues, mages from Lunerest have been studying the effects of the corruption beasts on the affected aitielkh. The aitielkh attacked by the beasts have been left weak, unable to cast their magic and covered in mysterious dark markings. The mages have discovered that the corruption can be healed, although it can leave some lasting effects on the elkh if they are not treated in time or if the corruption has sunken too deep within.

The lunerest scholar Oberon has noted these effects. If the aiti is able to be healed in time, like ambassador Noe, their colors and magic return to normal. If the healing ritual is too late, some aiti do have lasting effects, most notably the corruption marking, that sheds mysterious stars and moons. Once healed, the Aiti are no longer in danger and are able to use their magic again; the marking, however, remains. Other effects have been noted too; some aitielkh's magic has turned dark when once bright, the magic is just the same but the appearance has changed. Some aiti have found the corruption has even effected their flower crowns, leaving their flowers wilted or dry.

(Note: These are optional effects that the corruption marking may have on your aitielkh.)

Oberon and the mages have informed the elkh, they must finish clearing out the corruption beasts! They are almost defeated, and once they have been banished, the healing process can begin!

Event prompt

As a reminder: The event prompt can be entered by any elkh, not just aitielkh, but please read carefully so you understand the event rules and rewards, as this event is replacing beast trials. You may even include other creatures like lunerestians, shroomkin, habapi, and humans this time around!

See WORLD >PROMPTS >Limited Prompts


Thank you everyone who has been fighting the corruption beasts so bravely! We are almost done fighting, but the event is not over yet! Next month the event continues with a new prompt, more raffles and more time to earn lunar gildes for our special prizes!



  • To adjust to the new hair styling rule, we have discontinued the trait Cropped Mane, as this style can now be achieved with a haircut. Beps who have been affected have had their masterlist entries altered and compensated with an uncommon trait if necessary.  The No Mane rare trait will remain in effect as it is technically a lack of long hair growth, and players using haircuts may not shave the whole mane to replicate this trait. 
  • As a reminder aitielkh/sonoaitielkh may not have any kind of haircut without thaumaturgy mastery.
  • Timbre is still on break. Commissions are closed; please do not ask for comms or trades. You can ask to be added to the pinglist anytime! Please only message Nopal or request a mod in the discord chat if you have any group questions!

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