Hollygiving is Here!

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The snow is falling and the candles in homes are lit. There's magic and yule spirit in the air!

The Story of Hollygiving

Bepotelkh may give out bundles of holly leaves and berries to other beps they think deserve them for doing a good deed or even just brightening their day some time in the last year. This is done in the name of the mysterious Spirit of Yule, an indescribable creature or force that embodies the magic of Yule and encourages reflection and new beginnings. It's said that the Spirit chooses some lucky beps each year on which to bestow some gifts, and that these gifts are presented by the equally mysterious Gifting Stag. The Gifting Stag is said to be a bepotelkh with flaming yellow eyes, growing in power in late December and appearing on the edge of forest clearings and the outskirts of villages. His antlers are draped in silver cone bells.

When a bep receives a bundle of holly, a human friend ties it to one of their antlers. To humans, bep antlers covered in holly are seen as a good luck charm. Beps who lose an antler (or both) while still wearing holly may choose to give one of those antlers to their caretaker or another important human in their life. These decorated antlers can be seen on doors and village gates. With wild and free beps, this tradition is similar, but instead of humans tying the holly on, they have to get the help of other wild creatures like shroomkin! In villages, holly bundles for giving are handed out to beps by their village ambassadors. In the wilds, beps must find holly bushes to snip bundles from with their teeth.


  • Pick characters from the masterlist to give holly to.
  • Each of your elkh may give out 3 holly bundles to any other elkh they choose (but please choose active users)!
    • You may, in ONE instance, have one of your beps give a holly bundle to another of your beps! (we decided this was too cute story-wise to be overlooked, but again, only once and with one bep!)
  • Comment on this news post, linking the bep who is giving the holly, and the three candidates they are giving holly to!
  • A moderator will send the holly currency to the recipients you chose.
  • Holly currency can then be spent at the Yule Shop, where you will find Gudvin has all kinds of gift boxes!
  • The gift boxes each enter you into a different raffle. See the below image to learn what you're entering for and buy the corresponding box.
  • Open the raffle ticket box to be entered into the raffle!
  • The hollygiving raffle will be rolled on December 26th and items will be delivered the same day.
  • If we get a high number of entries, we will increase the number of winners for each raffle!
  • You can enter all the raffles as many times as you want!

How to make a link

(remove the asterisk)
[***BEP-242: ELIKO***](***https://www.bepotelkh.com/character/Bep-242***)


Hollygiving Raffle

Use your holly currency to buy raffle tickets at the Yule Shop! Each box contains 1 entry to its corresponding raffle.

 ✮Raffle Box 1: MYOS✮

Contains 1 raffle ticket to enter you for the chance to win your choice of ONE of the following:

  • -Aiti MYO ticket + 1 large rare trait +1 small rare trait
  • Bep/Sono MYO ticket + 1 rare trait + 1 restricted trait of your choice
  • Bep/Sono MYO ticket + 4 rare traits


✮Raffle Box 2: Restricted Traits✮

Contains 1 raffle ticket to enter you for the chance to win your choice of ONE of the following:

  • dragonhorn potion
  • stars of aiti potion
  • jacob's antlers
  • fallow antlers
  • overgrown mane potion
  • kirin scale

✮Raffle Box 3: Restricted Traits Small✮
Contains 1 raffle ticket to enter you for the chance to win your choice of ONE of the following:

  • flower marking potion
  • forest floor marking potion
  • jungle leaves marking potion
  • tree leaves marking potion
  • heart marking potion
  • sparkle eye potion


✮Raffle Box 4: Rare Trait Potions✮
Contains 1 raffle ticket to enter you for the chance to win your choice of 1 ONE of the following:

  • Rare trait potion
  • Large aiti rare potion
  • Large gilde potion

✮Raffle Box 5: Companions✮

Contains 1 raffle ticket to enter you for the chance to win your choice of ONE of the following companions:

  • snowy owl
  • red squirrel
  • mountain fox
  • mountain jay
  • boarlet
  • nibbler
  • poddle
  • jackalope


Hollygiving Prompt

For the month of December, you can also enter the limited Hollygiving Prompt to earn gildes! See WORLD > PROMPTS > LIMITED PROMPTS



Winter Shop Update


New winter accessories are available in the Bepotelkh Shop!
Includes a blanket and two kinds of matching antler ornaments. As a reminder, you can adjust the colors of any official accessories to best match your character.

Introducing: Plushies! You can pick up a sonoelkh or bepotelkh plush at the Bepotelkh Shop throughout the winter season!
Can be added to individual character's inventories for maximum cuteness.
Can be included in prompts for accessory reward.

Giftwrap is here!

Just in time for Yule, you can now wrap and send gifts in these festive boxes! Going forward, there will be one limited gift wrap design available in the shop each season.

How to use:
  • Purchase your gift wrap from the Bepotelkh Shop, then visit your Inventory.
  • Click on the gift wrap.
  • Click the check box.
  • Click "Wrap Item" which will create a dropdown menu.

  • From here, you can choose an item, MYO slot, or currency.
  • You can also click the check box to let the recipient know what's inside before they open it- or keep it a surprise!
  • Once you've selected the item, click WRAP.
  • The wrapped box will appear in your inventory.

  • Click on the item in your inventory and then click TRANSFER.
  • From here, you will be able to select a user to send your wrapped gift to!

All of the above items can be found by going to WORLD > GILDE SHOPS >BEPOTELKH SHOP


Yule advent

Return of the yule advent! Look forward to beps, sonos, and aitielkh on the following days:

Artists: Thy ✮ Witchsy ✮ Herboreal ✮ Lord-Starryface ✮ Silverbreeze424 ✮ RoseMarmalade ✮ Nopal ✮ Wyska ✮ Woolsey ✮ Key


December raffle

This month's beautiful design is by Silverbreeze424! This will be the last raffle design for awhile as we're taking a break in the new year <3

This beautiful bep is up for grabs if you enter this month's Gift-to-Enter raffle!

See World > Prompts >Limited Prompts for details.


  • There's a new Featured Character on the front page!
  • Month of the Aiti and a new Beast Trial begin in January, so get ready by honing your aitielkh's magic skills!
  • Some pets got refreshed artwork by Key! Some may have more or less variations than before; we hope you enjoy the changes!


Herboreal Avatar
Herboreal Staff Member

Hollygiving is now closed!

2022-12-26 05:18:19

thy Avatar
thy Staff Member

BEP-1111: Corazon has reserved bundles for Millo, Quill, and dearest Nue

2022-12-25 23:45:34

thy Avatar
thy Staff Member

Bundles delivered!

2022-12-26 01:29:34

thy Avatar
thy Staff Member

BEP-965: Vaellus gifts Orpheus, Alfie, and Rosamund

BEP-152: Aarre's bundles find their way to Nika, BEP-423, and Rowan

BEP-941: Kartta's bundles are tossed to Black Forest, Branar, and Bjarni as they pass on their respective ways

BEP-149: Vesisade delivers their bundles to Erasmus, Opal, and Rue

BEP-977: Lumo pridefully passes bundles to Kodika, Aeryn, and BEP-1269

BEP-949: Ranta hopes that the bundles they've passed to Juniper, Donncha, and Rowan bring warmth in the winter.

2022-12-25 23:42:16 (Edited 2022-12-25 23:42:43)

thy Avatar
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Bundles delivered!

2022-12-26 01:29:22

thy Avatar
thy Staff Member

BEP-418: Iorje has bundles for Chimmin, Ananassa, and Boumboum

BEP-1107: Guiyue sends bundles to Tianxing and Naoshu, and Rexanne too.

BEP-1091: Tennou sends bundles to Orcus, Esme, and Dorian - two fawns, and someone who feels achingly familiar...

BEP-1265: Varrus's caretaker sends gifts to Jalopeura, Ragnar, and Hazel

BEP-322: Ylakuu sends holly to BEP-1326, BEP-1119, and Caoimhe

2022-12-25 23:23:05 (Edited 2022-12-25 23:23:32)

thy Avatar
thy Staff Member

Bundles delivered!

2022-12-25 23:52:06

TheWyvernAndTheFox Avatar

BEP-367: Evens gives holly to:
- BEP-1326
- BEP-1338: NOEL

2022-12-24 12:27:07

Herboreal Avatar
Herboreal Staff Member

Bundles delivered!

2022-12-25 16:51:09

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