Silkkassan Village

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A place for: doctors, medicine makers, scientists, traders.

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Pronunciation: reh-hev-ah

Reheva is an incredible location at the foothills of the Buckh Mountains, surrounded by lakes and lush temperate rainforest. Though its cliffs along the ocean are high and rugged, there are coves which have shoreline, and these coves are gateways to some small, magical islands nearby and also serve as ports. Though Reheva could be known for its breathtaking beauty alone, it is also known for being the most important producer of medicine in Silkkasa. Medicines are both developed and produced here, then exported to various villages in the nation. Reheva has a good-sized population, but they manage to mostly live in harmony with their surroundings. The village is full of massive trees. The area can be a little uncomfortable for bepotelkh in the summer months, especially those of a fluffier quality, such as polar elkh.

Biome: Temperate rainforest

Ambassador: Maija

Associated Event

Aiti Beast Trials: Aiti Beast Trial 4: Valasong

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