Silkkassan Village

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A place for: modern folk, enterpreneurs, royal guard, construction, etc.

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art by LordStarryFace

Pronunciation: Key

The queens of Silkkasa live here in the biggest and busiest village in the nation. Kei is a farming village, but only vegetables are farmed- meat comes from outside the village via hunting. The village is to the east of the Buckh Mountains, on fertile land dotted with lakes and bogs. There are a huge variety of specialty shops in Kei, including shops specifically for elkh. People and elkh come from all over just to shop or use services, as some of the best doctors live here. This village sees the greatest diversity of people, elkh, and ideas in the land. It is the only place in Silkkassa to have widespread use of electricity, and nearly all roads within several miles of the castle are paved with stone. Wooden, stone, and brick homes are all found here, most often in A-frame style. The castle boasts beautiful public gardens on the grounds, open to be enjoyed by any visitors.

Biome: Mixed Coniferous/deciduous forest

Ambassador: Milla