Silkkassan Village

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A place for: spirit mediums, the religious, friends of ghosts.

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Pronunciation: sigh-nye

Sainai is a haunted village. A hundred years prior, it burned to the ground during a dry and windy spring day. Though rebuilt, the chill left by the tragedy remains. The replacement buildings are strictly made of stone or brick. A massive cemetery surrounded by wrought-iron fences rests among the village homes, a reminder of the tragic past. This unique characteristic has led to Saniai being a fairly spiritual town, with spirit mediums and many shrines found throughout. Shops sell various charms to ward off any number of maladies or ill fortune, making it a sort of religious tourist destination. Many houses have windchimes at the front step, providing an eerie music whenever a breeze is stirred up. Saniai relies on fishing and hunting, but there are some crops grown on the outskirts of the village. The forest here is bursting with mushrooms in the autumn.

Biome: Temperate rainforest

Ambassador: Henki