Glimworm Gulch

Silkkassan Village

Can be home to characters.

A place for: tea aficionados, cranberry farmers, the laid-back.

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Pronunciation: Glim-wurm gulch

Some might think it foolish to live in a bog, but Glimworm Gulch delights in it. Because bogs freeze more slowly than most wetlands, the water is often open year-round, which lends itself to families living in houseboats. The majority of the village is on cedar boardwalks; the homes upon them are often coated in cedar shakes and have moss upon their roofs. The trees here are almost entirely represented by tamaracks and willows. The village cultivates a massive amount of cranberries, and the plants gathered by its residents are used in making tea blends. Though Glimworm Gulch has some electricity, the summer nights are illuminated by thousands of fireflies from which the village derives its name. The residents here are fairly jovial and love hosting nighttime concerts.


Biome: Temperate rainforest/fen

Ambassador: Juhla

Associated Event

Miscellanous: Aiti Beast Trial 6: Ulpukka