Silkkassan Village

Can be home to characters.

A place for: bird keepers, clothescrafters, villa beps.

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Pronunciation: vii-aye-nin

Villainen is a large island at the far northeast of Silkkassa. It's a fairly harsh environment comparable to Vuur and Sakara. A special breed of bepotelkh (Villa) developed here naturally, likely originating from the polar subspecies. The villa breed is tiny and has long fur all over the body, which the islanders use to make clothing, blankets, and more. Fishing is important in sustaining this villages population, but they also keep all kinds of laying birds such as chickens, quail, and ducks. Homes are small and cozy, and both people and elkh here are generally known to be friendly, generous, and hospitable.

Biome: Tundra

Ambassador: Satu