Silkkassan Village

Can be home to characters.

A place for: botanists, florists, beekeepers, stained glass artists.

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Pronunciation: twill

On the western coast of Silkkasa, relatively isolated, Tuil boasts a surprisingly large population. This village is known for its beautiful gardens and for its glass made from the fine sand on the shore. Villagers here have also been proud beekeepers for some time, and the bee motif can be found on buildings, seals, and exported items. Along with the botanical gardens and beekeeping is, of course, an impressive array of food crops. Despite the somewhat poor soil of the area, Tuil has found ways to improve it and make it work, though the town does also rely on fishing and hunting. Tuil has buildings made of sandstone block and wood, which often feature at least one stained glass window. Homes are rarely without their own gardens or at least flowerboxes.

Biome: Mixed deciduous/coniferous

Ambassador: Taimi