Silkkassan Village

Can be home to characters.

A place for: clothing crafters, beekeepers, fisherfolk.

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Pronunciation: soo-oh-jah

Suoja is not an easy village to reach. Between the wastes and the ocean, it's a bit of an oasis along with its neighbor, Reedlam. This village is known for making textiles, including clothing and material in general.  Beekeeping is also popular here, and the apiaries are popular enough to supply bees to other areas of Silkkassa for farming of food and flowers. Some artisans here use beeswax to make distinctive batik fabrics and candles. Suoja relies on fishing, sea vegetables, and a few crops for sustenance, as importing food here can be tricky. Interestingly, Suoja and Vreedzaam share a bepotelkh shrine halfway between the two villages.

Biome: Deciduous forest/prairie

Ambassador: Honey

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