Silkkassan Village

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A place for: magickers, foodies, inventors.

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Pronunciation: Je-brool

This beautiful little village rests on the shore of the biggest freshwater lake in Silkkasa. The people here hunt, fish, gather, and do some farming, but the short season and permafrost make farming difficult. In the summer months, the elkh may allow their villagers to comb out and shear their fur to make textiles. Gebrul is rather secluded and cut off from a lot of the rest of Silkkassa, and for good reason; it is home to many magickers. Many of the potions found in shops throughout the continent are produced in Gebrul, as are some of Silkkassa’s favorite inventions and recipes. Great minds reside under the moss-coated roofs of Gebrul, and although their impact on Silkkassa is massive, they mostly go unknown and uncelebrated, but content to live in peace with their success.

Biome: Boreal Forest

Ambassador: Valo

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