Bep Drawing Tutorials

Created: 1 January 2023, 16:25:44 MST
Last updated: 27 August 2023, 14:06:53 MST

Bep Drawing tips & tutorials


Just a collection of helpful tips from the discord! Usual art tutorial disclaimer of: this is how I (Herboreal) draw, it's not the "only way" or "right way" to draw.


General anatomy

Bep hoof structure

Beps have larger hooves than many cervids. They have two "dew hooves" at the back with fetlocks in between in some subspecies.

bep "snoots"

Bep noses are similar to llaama noses, with slight variation in mountain subspecies which appears a bit more moose-like.




how herboreal draws fluff


twisty things tutorial

Disclaimer: I still don't feel I have this down soundly but this was my study sheet while trying to improve.