The Royal Family

Created: 18 August 2023, 15:06:03 MST
Last updated: 27 August 2023, 13:22:28 MST

Silkkassa has long been goverened by chosen officials, but as an honor to tradition, those elected are considered Royals and reside at the castle. In this peroid, this is the Royal Family of Silkkassa.


Queen Jaana

Formerly a lumberjack, Jaana is the current elected leader of Sillkassa. She has a tough, intimidating exterior, but is truly a softie and geniunely cares to help people. When people meet her, they find her very down to earth and casual, but she's also not at all a pushover and unafraid to be assertive when needed. She took in her companion Taneli as a lost fawn when she was out working as a lumberjack.

Queen Elvi

Elvi was largely a reclusive scholar before joining her wife Jaana as part of the royal family. She's somewhat awkward and tentative around other people until she gets to know them. She cares deeply about the goings-on in Silkkassa, working behind the scenes to bring about needed changes. Where Jaana will get her hands dirty doing the work, Elvi handles the more technical and logistical side of things.


Jaana and Elvi's adopted tween daughter. Most often found horsing around outdoors with Jooa and Soot. She has been known to ruin perfectly nice dresses while out in the woods, but she begrudgingly puts on a polite and proper demeanor in front of company in the castle. She's fiercly protective of Jooa.


Jaana and Elvi's adopted son of around age 7. He's often too serious for a child; Jaana and Elvi encourage him to go have fun, which his sister gleefully assists in by dragging him outside. He's studious, but not above climbing trees and catching frogs when sister gets him to relax and have fun. He adores and trusts Soot, though he is not above teasing her as well.


Jaana's stalwart companion whom they met in the woods when Jaana worked as a lumberjack. Taneli seems intimidating and stoic to most, but is very sweet with Eija and Jooa. Taneli sometimes spends time with Mirjam, quietly discussing castle matters in the gardens, but is also known to help with hard work alongside Jaana.


Mirjam has been with Elvi for many years. The little highland is getting older and spends most of her time resting nearby as Elvi works on something or another. Though she dotes on the children, she has no interest in running around with them, though she does appreciate being brushed and petted by them.


Soot has become the nanny of Eija and Jooa, following them wherever they go.
She loves both of the children and does her best to keep them out of trouble, but
often gets caught up in the fun and has been known to lose track of time
or even contribute to shenanigans.