Crystal Gildes

Created: 14 August 2022, 09:55:51 MST
Last updated: 5 May 2023, 11:58:08 MST

Crystal Gildes

Crystal gildes (CG) are a special currency that is not earnable in-game. They can be used in the Crystal Gilde Shop to buy special items like restricted traits or other things generally not available regularly other than by random chance prizes.

Ways to Earn CG


Joining Herboreal's patreon at the Beepersneeps tier or higher tiers will earn you monthly CG as long as you are a paying member. These are paid out on the first or second day of every month.

Server Boosting

Boosting is a feature of discord nitro that allows the chat to enjoy more perks. Boosting the Bepotelkh server will earn you 1 monthly CG for as long as you continue boosting.

Storyline prompts

Upon completeing your elkh's main storyline prompt, (Village Stories, Wild Pact, Oasis Dreams or The Desert Trail) you will receive a bonus of 10 CG.