Collaboration, Commission and Joint Prompts Guide

Created: 9 September 2022, 16:36:19 MST
Last updated: 29 September 2022, 08:31:56 MST

Table of Contents

  1. Collaboration Rules
  2. Commissioned Prompts
  3. Multiple Character (Joint) Prompts


collaboration rules

Players are allowed to collaborate on prompts together. Collaborative prompts may include 2 to 3 collaborators MAX. There are some rules that must be followed for them to be rewarded points and some prompts that are prohibited from collaborations.

Prompts allowed for collaboration: Storylines, Mini Prompts, General Prompts
Prompts NOT allowed for collaborations: Aiti Magic Trials, Beast Trials, Raffles, Featured Bep

  • Collaborations should only be submitted ONCE. In the prompt submission you MUST write in the comment section that this is a collaboration and list your collaborator(s). If you upload your collaborative work to the gallery please cite your partner(s) in the "Collaborators" box on the right side of the page.
  • Collaborators will be awarded the standard currency for said prompt and the collaborators will be in charge of sharing the gildes, meaning the mods will NOT split the gildes for you. (You can transfer gildes on your bank page here)
  • When Collaborating on Storyline prompts, each player's main character will get one rank point each. The player sending in the prompt MUST include the character codes for each character earning a rank point.
  • In the case of general prompts that also include item rewards we will decide at that time if each collaborator gets the additional reward. (In the past this has been a yes.)
  • Prompts that cannot be collaborated on will say so in the prompt descriptions.
  • It should be clear in the piece that each collaborator worked on the piece. This means that all people involved needed to have drawn aspects of the art piece or written lines in the prose piece. Prompts where plots are discussed but only executed by one person do not count as a collaboration.
  • The prompt requirement for collaborations are the same as if you were doing the piece yourself but it is encouraged to do complex backgrounds and/or add extra words.

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Commissioned prompts

Players are allowed to commission artists and other players to complete prompts for them. This is available for every prompt other than Featured Bep and Raffles. You may commission artists for Aiti Magic Trials and Beast Trials.

  • The person who commissioned the prompt will receive all gildes and rewards.
  • The commissioner MUST submit the prompt themselves to receive the rewards.
  • Only the artist/writer is allowed to post their work to the gallery, please do not submit commissioned work to the galleries yourself. If the work isn't submitted to the gallery by the artist please use a different link (DA,, Google docs etc.) for the prompt submission process.
  • Commissions do not count as collaborations and the artist who is being paid for the prompt cannot claim rewards/rank points by including their own characters in the prompts.
Art Trade prompts

If you and another player want to do an art trade for prompts, that is allowed but it should be treated the same as above. You can still only earn prompt currency for your own characters. So player A would have to submit player B's work, and vice-versa.

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multiple character prompts

Individual players are welcome to do Fawn Prompts, Storyline and General Prompts with more than one of their characters and receive the prompt-specific reward per character used (max 3 characters).

  • Characters must all be doing the SAME PROMPT (if in storylines, they cannot be in different factions)
  • It is required that each character plays a major role in the prompt. This means 75% or more of the body in an art prompt or featured in 50% or more of the story in prose prompts.
  • For Fawn Prompts, each fawn will be able to count that prompt toward their growth ticket. For Storyline Prompts each character will recieve a Rank Point. For General Prompts each character will receive the extra item reward (when applicable, unless stated otherwise)
  • YOU MAY NOT claim other players characters as a multiple character prompt. For example, if you include another player's Bep in your Storyline Prompt it does NOT count toward the other player's progress and they do not get a Rank Point. Additional characters will still be awarded bonus gildes.

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