The Avis Regional

Created: 31 August 2023, 11:15:36 MST
Last updated: 3 October 2023, 16:24:12 MST

The trains

Built in Schad, The Avis Regional is the pride of Silkkassa! This train system helps comfortably transport humans and beps alike from town to town, no matter the season! The system consists of four engines, each named after Silkkassan birds.

The Queenfisher (colors: Red and Blue)
The Goldlet (colors: Yellow and Cream)
The Gracklet (colors: Black and Blue)
The Chickalee (colors: Pink and Black)

The Avis engines were created with great care and feature many unique touches such as relief sculptures and decorative painting. The carts are made to seat both humans and allow for standing (or laying) room for elkh. These trains run on electricity generated by crystals, which can be seen on the roof of the train cars. The electricity heats the water, creating the steam on which these steam engines run!

The Avis Regional has opened up special Exploration Prompts that feature Silkkassa's cities and towns with special rewards that highlight each location's specialty and local flare! The prompts will be released periodically and then once released will be available to complete at any time. How many stamps will you collect in your elkh's stamp book?


Pallo's Story

Pallo became a familiar sight to those building the trains in Schad. For some reason, this little villa was out in the wild without anyone to look after him, with only nub antlers to defend himself. He was shy, but crept into the train shed to sleep safely. Over time, the engineers began feeding and befriending him, and before long, he was one of them. His gray coat inspired the look of the uniforms for the entirety of the train system, and he now rides the rails all around Silkkassa, helping travelers board the train on time, helping with tearing (now soggy) tickets, and being a generally comforting presence.

Young Pallo sleeping on the train shed floor.