Shadow Step

Shadow Step (Elemental)

Category: Magic
Species: Bepotelkh

Allows an Aitielkh to merge with shadows, essentially flattening to the shape and color of the shadow to help them become unseen. They cannot create new shadows or move beyond the shadow they are occupying without reappearing, but they can “stretch” or deepen already cast shadows to accommodate them. Elkh can take small items with them into shadows, about the size of a decent apple.

Aitielkh can now become shadow without having to merge with other nearby shadows, and can travel between shadow spots without having to re-emerge from shadow form. They can also create bigger shadows around themselves to hide in, as well as create shadows when they are not in their shadow form. Elkh can now take the equivalent of items or willing creatures into the shadows with them that they would be able to carry under normal circumstances.

Aitielkh can now enter a shadow at one location and emerge from another location (that they have visited before). There are also certain shadow locations throughout Silkassa and Miatias that they can travel to without having visited them before. Elkh can move items and willing creatures into the shadows with them, equivalent to 5x what they would normally be able to carry.

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