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3 | Thaumaturgy: Mastery

3 | Thaumaturgy: Mastery


Your aitielkh has settled beside the aiti pool to dream. In their dream, they are faced with a deep, narrow sinkhole. They cannot fit inside, nor is it safe to do so. They can hear cries from below that seem to be from a shroomkin. They are surrounded by vines that could be useful, but are too short and frail to be used alone. How will they use their extant Thaumaturgy powers to raise the shroomkin out of the pit?


See here for Prompt Requirements & Rewards.

  • Additional character required. Must be a shroomkin; see here for shroomkin available for gift art and here for shroomkin available for gift writing.


Reward Amount
Gildes 7


This prompt requires you to have completed 2 | Thaumaturgy: Intermediate 1 time.
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