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2 | Aiti's Healing: Intermediate

2 | Aiti's Healing: Intermediate


It's spring, and your aitielkh has stumbled upon an injured animal. Aitielkh know nature must take its course in many ways, but in this case, they notice that the animal is taking care of young and they cannot resist doing their best to help the creature. How does your aitielkh use their extant Aiti's Healing powers to help the injured animal?
Silkkassan animal ideas: deer, fox, bear, lynx, etc.
Miatian animal ideas: deer, javalina, jackrabbit, bobcat, etc.


See here for Prompt Requirements & Rewards.


Reward Amount
Gildes 7
Wisp (Healing) 1


3 | Aiti's Healing: Mastery
This prompt requires you to have completed 1 | Aiti's Healing: Awakening 1 time.
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