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Aitielkh Storylines

Through rituals, magic, and faith your bepotelkh has chosen to be a devout follower of the god Aiti, taking on an enchanting and mysterious appearance. Your aitielkh is far removed from the world of humans, roaming ancient forests and pristine wilderness. An aitielkh is capable of performing small magical feats and healing thanks to their deep faith in and connection to Aiti. How does your aitielkh become as such, are there trials and victories, mystifying moments that define them forever? The Followers of Aiti are few and scattered, but resolute.

Setting: Primeval forests or other untouched, unbothered natural areas.
Requirements: The bepotelkh is an aitielkh OR Must complete Wild Pact storyline to become an aitielkh.

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